Shows being blocked by OpenDNS

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  We have gotten some reports of listeners having issues downloading the shows via iTunes or the site specifically.  It appears that it was tracked down to an issue with OpenDNS blocking the download. 

  To be clear, OpenDNS is not blocking  It is blocking audio file download from  Also, OpenDNS as an entity is not blocking it.  Independent administrators have decided to block it for their users.

  If you are experiencing this issue please contact your network administrator and ask them to remove the block on


3 responses to “Shows being blocked by OpenDNS”

  1. Izzy Says:
    Thanks for the update.
  2. Simon Says:
    Ah ha understand it now, thanks for letting us know,

  3. Zulia Says:
    How is it that two of my favorite plpoee are friends and many states away!? Julie, and Psalm, you guys both look outstanding! Nice work on both of your sides. I saw your pics, Julie, on Psalm's website and I was stunned too I hope you are well and I hope I can see you soon!t.

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