Show #80 - Responding to feedback

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In today's show we talk about the comments and fallout from show 79.  Enough said…  Just listen.

We have pulled this episode because we have chosen to censor ourselves.

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2 responses to “Show #80 - Responding to feedback”

  1. Dave Ferguson Says:
    Why did we pull this show? In our haste to get the show out we neglected to listen to the show from an outsiders perspective. After listening to it again, and again, we determined that we came across the wrong way. We didn't intend to portray the message that might have been inferred. So, after some careful consideration we choose to censor ourselves.

    We plan to redo the show and do it better. We have sent some emails and invited a couple people to be on the show to talk with us. I hope that they accept and it is a productive conversation.


  2. Gavin McLelland Says:
    Great move Dave; I really respect that Michael and yourself are willing to put the time you do into a community effort like this podcast.

    Looking forward to your next episode.

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