Show #239: The one about cf.Objective()

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This week Dave and Scott tall all about cf.Objective(). With special guests, Adam Tuttle and Carol Hamilton they get into all the goings on with everything about the conference.

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5 responses to “Show #239: The one about cf.Objective()”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    Hang on... *no waffle at all*???

    What have you done with the *real* CFHourPodcast??
  2. gary f Says:
    Sadly the move to DC makes sense from the customer base but is a reflection of the general decline of CF as a web language. (love it; but the market is declining, even in the federal govt.)
  3. gary f Says:
    We miss you guys .... Semi-sarcastically is CF dead yet?

    It looks like all the big names; voice pieces seem to have abandoned CF.

  4. Weblink Says:
    Great to visit this site no longer ago. I require this piece to finish my task in school, and it has same theme with your piece. Much appreciated, Thank you so much...
  5. Andre Says:
    is this still an active podcast?

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