Show #238: Boom goes everything

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This week Dave and Scott have a discussion about the trials of debugging.  They also have a discussion about Dave's mobile project.  They also discuss the upcoming CFSummit conference and the "agenda".  They end the show with some important information.

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White Rabbit Project

Debugging an exploding rocket 

CF Updater
CF 11 updater 10  -
Cf 10 updater 21 -

CFSummit coming soon (October 10-11)

Dave’s Project

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2 responses to “Show #238: Boom goes everything”

  1. gary f Says:
    Well ... that blew up real good ...
  2. Jose Galdamez Says:
    Good to have you guys back after such a long hiatus. Also good to hear that you aren't going away completely and just refocusing your content a little. It definitely makes sense to cover a broader range of topics seeing how that's how the industry is today.

    Perhaps a new name could be:
    Smackdown Hour
    S. & D. In Your Face
    Dear Matt. Baby Come Back.

    I'm not working on CF projects anymore, but I would be curious to hear what Scott thinks about CF developers transitioning to Grails. What are the challenges? What are the bad parts of CF that you have to let go? Are there any good parts you take with you? What are job prospects like? How do CF frameworks like ColdBox compare?

    Here in the DC area I rarely hear about Grails projects. Most of the time jobs are focused on JavaScript SPAs (Angular, React, Backbone, Ember) or JavaScript, .NET, or Java back-ends.

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