Show #237: You Need to Stop the Bleeding

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This week Dave and Scott start by talking about ISIS and Annonymous and then they plug HackMyCF.  Dave then fills us in on his experiences at CF Summit before the duo talk about the DevObjective.

Then we dive into Stupid Overflow to cover one lazy developer, and another developer felled, as we have been at one time or another, but a typo.

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17 responses to “Show #237: You Need to Stop the Bleeding”

  1. Sean Corfield Says:
    The voiceover needs updating for HostMedia to refer to Lucee instead of Railo! :)
  2. Chuck Duppong Says:
    Would be hilarious to have Scott's voice dubbed in saying the word "Lucee" ;-)
  3. Richard Hughes Says:
    Wish I could +1 the comments above!
  4. Pete Freitag Says:
    Scott - email me your mailing address, I will send you a bottle opener!

    Thanks for the HackMyCF plug!

    One point of clarification, you mentioned that you only need to run it on one site per server -- there is some advantage to setting it up on all sites. In addition to the probe (the cfm file) HackMyCF also does a bunch of HTTP(s) requests to your server to look for several things. I often run into cases for example where one site has protected the AdminAPI but other sites on the server left it open.
  5. gary Says:
    alas they served us well and will be missed!
    Just caught the april show ..
    no .. this is a real comment
  6. Andy K Says:
    just checking... is this 'cast still active?
  7. gary Says:
    It does not appear to be ... I was expecting another april fools joke this year like last but I guess the jokes on us; as the hosts seem to have disappeared.

    Perhaps they will make an announcement...
  8. frank Says:
    Really bummed this show seems to have fizzled out. What happened? It was one of the pillars indicating that the CF community was still alive and passionate. this really the end?
  9. Andt Says:
    anybody home?
  10. gary Says:
    Ah, I see what happened ... they spoke of ISIS and Anonymous. I believe somebody took them out ... U.Sam, ISIS, Anon, a sleeper cell?

    How sad!
  11. gary Says:
    I am really missing the show. I need to put something stupid on stupidity overflow, just to get a rise out of the hosts! Perhaps I will recommend cfform!
  12. Dent Says:
    is this podcast over? I do not see an official announcement? It looks like the last one was 7 months so I guess so? Are there any other CFML podcasts that are still current?

    I do not understand why the people would not make an announcement as many have asked same question on this thread. ok.
  13. Frank Says:
    You signed off "we'll talk to you next time" which we now know means never. Thanks for the few years of useful info, entertainment and other tidbits galore. It was great while it lasted.
  14. Dave Ferguson Says:
    While we haven't recoded a show in a long time, the state of the show is still up in the air.

    Stay tuned.
  15. Jonathan Says:
    This obviously can't be the last episode of the show because of the promised live show with fireworks after the April fools joke.

    Just sayin.
  16. Tyler Says:
    I hope it comes back.

    So you guys know, all of the episodes before number 120 or so are broken, and don't work on the site or in podcast apps.
  17. Andy Says:
    Just checking in... still up in the air or dead?

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