Show #236: Summit, Southwest, Safe Navigator, Stupid Overflow, and Updates Galore

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This week Dave and Scott start by talking about the upcoming CF Summit in Las Vegas. They then express their views on "GamerGate" and SXSW's cancelling of related panels.

In ColdFusion specific news, they tell you about the upcoming early access for updates to CF10 and CF11 and about a new CF12 feature that was discussed at CF Camp.  

They also talk about Windows 10, updating and Lucee, and a Stack Overflow question on multiple databases.

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SXSW makes a difficult decision

CF10 & CF11 updates available for early access

CF12 Feature discussed in detail

Querying multiple dbs with one datasource


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5 responses to “Show #236: Summit, Southwest, Safe Navigator, Stupid Overflow, and Updates Galore”

  1. Sean Corfield Says:
    It should be noted that SXSW had other panels on harassment that were not targeted (not sure why this one was) -- and they've had such panels in the past. Looks like they've decided to Level Up:
  2. Sean Corfield Says:
    Looks like they decided to _reinstate_ Level Up.
  3. Adam Cameron Says:
    G'day lads: another good podcast.

    Regarding NDAs for CF12... I have cleared with Adobe a few bits and pieces I'm allowed to write about. Basically the stuff that was divulged at CFCamp (and I guess CFSummit next week) is considered "public" now.

    I will write up whatever I can.
  4. Adam Cameron Says:
    Oh, and btw Mr Stroz:

    I dunno if you'd talked about it previously (I don't recall hearing you mention it), but if you did... you didn't formalise anything ;-)

    I only came up with it as an idea for CF when I was specifically fishing around for things to go into CF11.
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