Show #235: Stars, Cars, Straps, Patches, Frames, Lames, and HomeSite

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This week Dave and Scott start by  talking  about Star Wars swag and Tesla's "affordable" car announcement. They then talk about recent updates to Bootstrap and Framework 1.

They discuss one individuals desire to make CF Builder look like HomeSite, the recent CF security pathes, and wrap up with another "Stupidity Overflow" segment.

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Tesla on the cheap

FW/1 Update

Bootstrap 4

Adobe ColdFusion Security Patch

Problem of the Week - CFWindow


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6 responses to “Show #235: Stars, Cars, Straps, Patches, Frames, Lames, and HomeSite”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    My "beration" was this: "Can you pls take a bit more time to ask your question coherently (using like correct spelling and grammar, some appropriate punctuation and stuff like that)". Hardly a smack down. If one does not speak in the language one is communicating in, then there's a burden to take extra care to make it clear. My own tactic when writing in something other than English is to make sure Google translates the text to the other language, then *back again* in an analogous fashion.

    This, however, does not seem to be a case of an ESL person falling foul of struggling with English, it's just someone being lazy-arse in the way they ask their question (like really a lot of questions on SO). Also note that the initially didn't provide code samples or error messages or anything like that (which is a bigger issue).

    Note that I'm not asking for my benefit or to be a big meany; I am pointing out that if someone wants help on StackOverflow, then they need to ask their questions coherently. The whole idea about communicating is to get a point across. I do not believe the person achieved this with the wording and effort put into their question.

    I upvoted your "because cfwindow" comment, Scott.
  2. Adam Cameron Says:
    NB: your spam trap rejected my initial version of "cfwindow" which was in all caps. That's a bit "over zealous".
  3. Sean Corfield Says:
    Thanks for the coverage of FW/1!

    At World Singles, we hadn't used subsystems until the 3.5 release, where we took our existing REST API, built with FW/1, and added OAuth 2 to it as a subsystem. I really like the new convention for adding subsystems. The problem with the old subsystems setup was that your base application had to be a subsystem: you couldn't just add a new module (as a subsystem) to an existing FW/1 app that didn't already use subsystems.

    I would like to point out that the really big flagship feature in FW/1 3.5 is the seamless integration of Clojure. You can write services (or even controllers) in either CFML or Clojure and FW/1 will automatically find them and wire them into your application as dependencies.

    FW/1 3.5 is the master stable release now. 4.0 is in development (4.0 rather than 3.6 because I'm dropping ACF9.0.2 support so I can use closures etc). 4.0 is focused on improving REST functionality.
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