Show #233: Aussie Invasion, Google Cloud, Hoverboards and Other Stuff

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This week Dave and Scott spend time speaking with old friend Mark Mandel, new Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. Mark gives an overview of the services offered by the Google Cloud Platform and how developers may find it useful. 

The guys also discuss hoverboards, the pre-release of the next Adobe ColdFusion version, and the upcoming CF Summit.  To wrap things up they dive into more of the "Stupidity Overflow" files!

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Show Topic Links:

Google Cloud Platform

Transfer ORM GitHub Repo


Hoverboard Article

Adobe ColdFusion Pre-release Survey

CF Summit Sessions

StackOverflow Problem on Preventing Multiple Clicks


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6 responses to “ Show #233: Aussie Invasion, Google Cloud, Hoverboards and Other Stuff”

  1. Sean Corfield Says:
    It's Mandel (one 'l') and ColdFusion (no space).

    Just to show someone actually does read the show notes :)

    Wow, Transfer ORM... that takes me back!!
  2. Chris Laning Says:
    Thanks for the heads up. I double checked Mark's name and knew it was one "l". Not sure how it still ended up two.

    The Cold Fusion space was a type. Product of trying to get the episode out at midnight on a holiday weekend!

    Thanks again for the heads up.
  3. Phillip Senn Says:
    It's typo, not type.
    Just to show someone actually reads the comments :)
  4. Phillip Senn Says:
    The mention of was really exciting! I was able to fire up a demo of a Railo server but I don't know how to edit .cfm files.

    This could potentially be the vehicle to allow me to sign up 20 students at a time and give them each their own server for proof-of-concept type programming.
  5. Mark Mandel Says:
    Philip - just saw your comment. If you need a hand getting this up and going just drop me a line (contact details all at the top of my blog)

    Easy answer on Google Cloud Platform - you can SSH in to the VM directly from the browser.

    From there you can edit files from that VM using nano/vim/emacs without too much difficulty - just need to find the right path.

    We do this type of thing for training quite regularly, since it's so easy to get up and running.
  6. SSSmarts Says:
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