Show #231: Lucee Watches Out the Conference's Windows

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This week Dave and Scott discuss their thoughts on the devObjective() conference and the recent dust up between Lucee and Railo.  They also talk about the release of the Apple Watch and the impending release of Windows 10. They also mention two upcoming conference, NCDevCon and CF Summit.

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Show Topic Links:

Scott's devObjective talk

Lucee vs Railo

Lucee 5 Beta

Windows 10 is coming

Apple Watch



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4 responses to “Show #231: Lucee Watches Out the Conference's Windows”

  1. gary f Says:
    Most watches on android do require a near by phone tablet however, samsung (gear ? s) will work with its own sim card, however need a samsung device to set up ...
  2. the one listener Says:
    "My company will no longer send me to coldfusion only conferences ..."

    So McCoy... is it dead yet ...? Darrn it Jim ... I am a Doctor, not a Programmer Analyst / Project Manager / Thought Leader
  3. Adam Cameron Says:
    A bit CFML-lite again chaps, but good to hear the Lucee stuff at least. I still reckon if you can't fill an hour with CFML stuff: don't pad it out, just make it shorter. But anyway, obviously you'll counter this with "we'll talk about whatever we like, sunshine", I realise that.

    You made one interesting comment that Gert figuratively "plead the Fifth" on one question you asked him about the Railo vs Lucee nonsense.

    Can you recall what the precise question was? Lucee have been positioning itself, its Association and all its participants as being completely above board and squeaky clean in this context. So why would someone be evasive when answering questions on this topic?

  4. Sean Corfield Says:
    Windows 10. Yup, I'm on public record as saying "It's not bad!" :)

    I've been running the Tech Preview for months now, on the "fast" track, and I'm very impressed with the evolution Microsoft has taken with it. To be fair, I liked Windows 8.1 and I'm running it on a touch-enabled Dell XPS 12 (convertible) laptop. I think Windows 10 is much more consistent and intuitive and generally more pleasant to use.

    I still wouldn't want to use it for development work (although I have Git Bash and Emacs installed so it's somewhat *nix-y rather than plain Windows).

    I think it's fair to say that Windows 10 is the best Windows yet.

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