Show #228: Lucee, You Got Some 'Splainin' to Do

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On this episode, Dave and Scott give their thoughts on the debut of Lucee, a new player in the CFML community. They talk about a new Update to the ColdFusion 11 Updater 4 Pre-release and Dave tells us about a memory resident Mail server called "IceGreen" useful for testing. Scott then tells a story of doing Customer Service VERY wrong and the episode concludes with another segment of "Stupidity Overflow".

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Additional Lucee Information

ColdFusion 11 Updater 4 pre-release updated

IceGreen Mail Server

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7 responses to “Show #228: Lucee, You Got Some 'Splainin' to Do”

  1. Carl Von Stetten Says:
    Enjoying the show very much. You guys were pondering the old-time reporters with the fedoras and the little piece of paper in the band. That paper was typically a card with "PRESS" in large bold letters, and was the predecessor of the modern press credentials that accredited reporters now wear on a lanyard.
  2. Phillip Senn Says:
    I listen to every minute of cfhour, including the outtakes with Grumpy and Snow White.
    Well, sometimes I skip over the talk about football and soccer and karate and Sprint and anything not related to cf.

    But other than that, I listen to every minute!
  3. Phillip Senn Says:

    I'm getting a lot of spam through
    Do you think you can moderate the commenting?
  4. Jose Galdamez Says:
    I want to leave a comment, but because it mentions cell phone company names (I am guessing) it keeps getting flagged as spam. How strange.
  5. Jose Galdamez Says:
    I can totally relate to the poor service that comes with your old network. I actually don't have your old network as my provider, but I do am a customer of one of their child networks. Let's call them Company A for the purposes of not having this comment flagged as spam.
  6. Jose Galdamez Says:
    Fortunately, Company A support employees are usually easy to understand and friendly. The problem is actually GETTING to them.

    If you dig around on the Company A Web site there is only one customer service phone number to be found, and when you call it says, "Thanks for calling Company B..." Wait, wut? Company B?

    When you are asked to confirm if your current phone is the one you're calling about it then says, "I see you're calling from a Company A phone. Let me send you those options." From there, you've got an immediate blockade of key options that prevent you from getting to an actual human. That's to reduce call volume I suppose.
  7. Jose Galdamez Says:
    What bugs me is when I'm honest with my menu selections, and I get to a dead end where I can go no further. Eventually, I go mad trying to figure out how to "lie" via the menu options just so I can get to a human. So long as I have the patience to sit through that process I can get my problem resolved.

    As much as I hate the customer experience whenever I need it, I stick with Company A for the prices. At $55 a month per phone/8 GB of data/unlimited texts/unlimited minutes/no contract it's a steal. Thankfully, I do get good signal where I need it here in the DC area.

    One of my upcoming challenges will be what to do when it's time to upgrade my phone. The model I want isn't available through Company A's Web site. I'm thinking I can just buy an unlocked model directly from the manufacturer and swap out the SIM card. I'm so done with having cell phone companies subsidize the phone cost and give me smaller data/minute/text limits in return.

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