Show #227: Vivaldi, Confessions, Conferences and More

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This week Dave and Scott give the run down on the update no one wanted and talk about news surround DevObjective(). Dave talks about trying out the new browser Vivaldi. While discussing the recent allegations that a particular CF community member has been plagiarizing code samples and items from other members' blogs, they receive a response from the accused individual.  Don't worry, Scott is his usual reserved self....which means...this episode is a must listen!

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To those out there on the internet, calling me a plagarist, I say this:

I am most sincerely sorry.

I meant no disrespect, nor did I intend (or have it interpreted) that I was taking credit for items I had posted. I was using a very well assembled reference, and appending to it, however that wasn'tever mentioned, nor does it need to be any further as the offending post was removed and purged.

I meant only repsect and admiration of my community peers, not trying to take credit for thier works in any way. Yes, perhaps I had "written" I had developed or written certain codes, as I've done similiar projects, and often do get them mixed up.

I am trying to get the exposure out about ColdFusion, and how dynamic and powerful a development language it is, and I can appreciate everyone's views about that. That's it isn't as "dead" as others would like to think, and assist in making it a prevelant language again.

Of that I am guilty, and I am sorry, with all my soul, about that.

Yes, perhaps I should have made it exceedingly clear in my writting that I was not the source of the reference, but merely a messenger and trying to get the exposure for the language back out there.

For a long time, I hadn't seen what other communities were saying about the coldfusion one, until now.

I'm sorry for promoting a fantastic language, I'm sorry for not citing my sources properly or clearly, and I'm most sorry that you all aren't happy with getting your work admired and respected by another peer.

-James Harvey



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5 responses to “Show #227: Vivaldi, Confessions, Conferences and More”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    Great work this week fellas.

    Just a coupla points:
    * I'd hate to think ppl took away from that that I was trying to be obstructive with the Lucee announcement. I personally was under NDA, and the Lucee decision makers were just swamped with launch-prep, and it was a bit too close to the event to get you NDA-ed up, I think (that last bit is speculation on my part). If it was *up to me*, I'd've got you in on it.

    * 12 August 2009 was less that Railo 3.1 came out that day, it's that Railo went *open source* that day. Just the 3.1 release in and of itself wasn't so significant ;-)

    Great work in the podcast though guys, nice one.

  2. gary Says:
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  4. Richard Hughes Says:
    Thank you the "Brian Williams" of CF for the non-apology!

    I have copied & modified Ben Nadels' code, given him credit & posted the modification back to his page.

    I apologize for my code content not being 100% original, because I am not as smart as everyone else!
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