Show #225: Stupidity Overflow!

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This week, Scott is back fresh from Walt Disney World and ready to opine! Scott has a bunch of corrections from last week's show he wants to discuss with Dave.  The two also talk about the next version of Mircosoft's .Net being open sourced and what implications that may and should have for Adobe CF. They mention Adobe releasing a chart showing which versions of the Java JDK each version of CF supports, and talk about how CF Updater 3 has been updated.  And they close off with their favorite segment "Stupidity Overflow"!

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Show Topic Links:

cf.Objective is now dev.Objective

CF11 Updater 3 refreshed

Adobe is giving away $1000

.NET is now open source

CF JDK Support

Stack Overflow Problem: How to validate for English alphabet characters only


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4 responses to “Show #225: Stupidity Overflow!”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    Hey fellas, the text doesn't match the URL on that last link (the one claiming to go to

    Haven't listened to the podcast yet... looking fwd to it...

  2. Chris Laning Says:
    All fixed now. Thanks for the catch Adam. I have to stop posting late at night!

  3. Sean Corfield Says:
    Regarding Visual Studio:

    "Visual Studio Community 2013 is a new, free and fully featured edition of Visual Studio, available today, with access to the full Visual Studio extensibility ecosystem and support for targeting any platform, from devices and desktop to web and cloud services."
  4. garyf Says:
    (Sad) Ok, you convinced me. CF is dead.
    ... no new adoption
    ... conferences moving to other technology
    ... .net free, open and linux ... unix?
    ... favorite CF -monthly- podcast retired/called it quits(april)

    ... to think I spent all that time learning those 5 tags...

    :) G

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