Show #224: Windows ME for Me!

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With Scott away, Dave invites Matt "The Awesome Producer (retired)" Gifford to fill in. They discuss cf.Objective's impending name change, and the CF 11 Updater 3 early release.  They hound Microsoft on Windows vulerabilities and how their Surface marketing is backfiring.  They also discuss a Mac vulnerabilty and an anti-virus product to AVOID! Dave comes to some realizations about his blog and, of course, they round out the show with even more Stack Overflow gems.

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Show Topic Links:

cf.Objective is now dev.Objective

CF11 updater 3 early access

Adobe is giving away $1000

Surface Kickstand

iDevice infection via usb

Windows Server Probably Infected

Yosemite.. not so safe after all.

cfinsert / cfupdate are the answer to the question.. said nobody ever

Scale Image... huh?

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3 responses to “Show #224: Windows ME for Me!”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    Come on fellas... where are the links to the Stack Overflow questions?! Don't make me search for them!

    Bryce stuff aside, I do think your non-CF "tech" related waffle is increasing to over 50% of the show now, and it's becoming a bit of a piss-take.

    Seriously: perhaps rebrand to dump the "hour" from the name, and just do the 10min of CF stuff, but more often? Depends on the production overheads, I guess.

    I think the USP of the podcast is the "CF" part, not the "Hour" part. You should not feel compelled to pad it out with non-topic stuff because you want to make it up to an hour. If you don't have an hour of content... don't try to make it an hour.

    That said... I do continue to listen, I guess. And I do look forward to each new ep. ;-)


  2. Adam Cameron Says:
    Just looking @ the Stack Overflow links, and I think Dave, you owe "cfqueryparam" an apology for one of them, given the basis for your ranting was down to misreading (or simply *not reading* their code).

    In regards to the one about image rescaling, you pillory him for the list of numbers and looping, and getting the function wrong etc, when you've not noticed *despite it being the first sentence of his answer* that all the number combinations and looping IS TEST CODE. He's demonstrating how his function works. I've not checked the rest of his logic, but you really ballsed up your own reading of it.

    If I can be indelicate, you do tend to think with your mouth sometimes.

    I've not checked the other one, but as it involves CFINSERT etc, you're probably more likely to be right there.

  3. Andy K Says:
    Just wanted to chime in on what Adam said re: CF vs. non-CF and say that I agree. Personally, I'd rather see a few more, but shorter CF (or at least coding-related) episodes than one hour long show filled mostly with non-coding banter.

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