Show #223: CF Framed and Dave Free in Vegas

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On this episode, Dave recounts the happenings at CF Summit in Vegas, including his presentation on CF Client with Simon Free.  They also cover the contest Adobe is currently having for the best new mobile app created with CF Client, discuss the recent spate of updates to Adobe CF, and whether or not Adobe should pick a framework to ship with.

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Wait Conference

ColdFusion 11 Mobile Application Development Contest

CF Updates Galore

CF 10/11 and Java 8

Disney rendered its new animated film on a 55,000-core supercomputer

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2 responses to “Show #223: CF Framed and Dave Free in Vegas”

  1. David Epler Says:
    Just as a note Java 7 EOLs April 2015.

    Atleast CF 10/11 will support Java 8 before 7 EOLs which is better than the transition of Java 6 to 7 for CF 9.
  2. Scott Stroz Says: rant about the 'jam session' came across as mean rather than funny.

    Sorry if my delivery made me seem like a douche.

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