Show #222: A Box of Apple Yacks

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This week Dave and Scott rant about all things Apple! They also talk conferences past and present and discuss the newly release CommandBox, and an exclusive preview of potentially the next Box product.  They also talk about Adam Cameron's new CFScript Reference on GitHub.

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Show Topic Links:

Why the Free U2 Album is Pissing Off Apple Users

Apple releases U2 album removal tool

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5,36969/

Apple Wave

Apple IOS

Apple iPhone6

NCDevCon Sessions

CF Summit

CFScript Documentation



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3 responses to “Show #222: A Box of Apple Yacks”

  1. garyf Says:
    Instead of "Over" you should say "Roger Roger". Good job on ray had to move into his Mom's basement now that he became a PHP programmer ... loved it ... lmao
  2. RogerTheGeek Says:
    Please don't use Roger Roger instead of Over. That makes my neck hurt.

    I love Adam Cameron's script list too, but why is this not something that was already done by Adobe? It would seem to me that every script method should be documented well since ACF is such a modern language. I guess someone needs to write the missing manual.
  3. gary Says:
    What gives with the Tiobe Index (

    They seem to keep going back and forth on the CFML language, (is it; isn't it a language) It was out for almost a year and now its back! Oct 2014, at position 48.
    (Was in the bottom 50 when it dropped out, 2013.)

    ( CFM(L)anguage language? ... Roger Roger!)

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