Show #221: Synergy, Builder, Newbs and Taffy

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This week Dave and Scott have an update on the Target security breach, discuss  Synergy (using one mouse and keyboard on multiple systems), the UBlock ad blocking Chrome plug-in, the Cold Fusion Builder update, voting on CF bugs, Scott hassling newbs on Stack Overflow, solving problems with Source Control and the new Taffy update.

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Most U.S. Businesses Don’t Know They Were Caught Up In Massive Cyberattack

Synergy - an easy way to manage multiple systems with 1 keyboard and mouse.


ColdFusion Builder 3 update

Vote Early and Often

Solving Problems

Taffy 3 Alpha


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2 responses to “Show #221: Synergy, Builder, Newbs and Taffy”

  1. Phillip Senn Says:
    Who was it that got down on his knees during a presentation and said the he loved (blank)?

    Was it during one of the conferences?

    I'm thinking about doing that for my class.
  2. Adam Cameron Says:
    Yo Scott: yeah, sorry I did not articulate my point on the blog that well. I didn't mean to allude you don't like newbies putting their hands up (and, yes, I know I did imply exacly that.... bad editing).

    It was an allusion to a coupla people we've both dealt with recently on S/O (and one on the Adobe forums) who offer very POOR advice on a regular basis.

    Despite both the people I'm referring to having been around the periphery of the community for ages, I think they are the sorts of people who might have 10yrs experience... but it's the same 1yr ten times over. So basically still "noobs" in my book. I did not make that clear. At all.

    BTW, it usually sounds so weird to hear a Seppo use the word "bloody", but you acquitted yourself very convincingly today. Well done old chap ;-)

    And good discussion today guys, well done.


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