Show #214: Thunderstruck

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This week's discussion includes Captivate, PDF creation on the cheap, lots of heaping praise for ColdFusion "Thunder", and Scott asking for tips on taking tests.

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16 responses to “Show #214: Thunderstruck”

  1. Rakshith Says:
    Well done, Guys! Obviously, not many did not like your joke. And it is evident in the zero comments on this post yet! Continue to rock forever! ColdFusion Lives! CFHour Lives!
  2. Nick Says:
  3. gary Says:
    ah ... back to one user! ;)
  4. gary Says:
    (user?) listener ...

    Someone whining about the 'trick' ... just ask them if they want cheese with that!
  5. Randy Says:
    Well done you magnificent bastards.
  6. RogerTheGeek Says:
    How do we know that the two guys on the show are really you? It could be to other odd guys who hacked your accounts and are doing the podcast now. It could happen. I haven't seen Scott since RIACon and Dave since NCDevCon a couple of years ago.
    All this Heartbleed stuff is making us antsy out here in real life.
  7. Michael Zock Says:
    So you guys decided against haunting Stack Overflow fulltime after all? :D

    BTW: You kinda glossed over one of my favorite features. The "--javascript-delay <msec>" option will allow you to tell the tool how long it should wait until it'll generate a PDF from the buffer contents. Pretty useful if you're dealing with dynamic pages like dashboards which don't process a lot themself but include a crapload of stuff asynchronously so the calculations can be spread across multiple requests/instances.
  8. Scott Stroz Says:
    Michael -

    I have been playing around with a lot of the options. it really is quite powerful and easy to use.
  9. Jared Smith Says:
    Thanks for getting our hopes up, we had a party planned to celebrate you guys being off the air. You had to go a ruin that. lol

    Welcome back, and well played.
  10. Alberto Genty Says:
    Definitely well played... hahahah
  11. Carcassi Says:
    To "cancel" your entire podcast as a joke is irresponsible and a bit of a slap to some of your dedicated subscribers. Is your return the latest release of CFHour, v10.5 perhaps?
  12. Sean Corfield Says:
    Fooled me - I should have known it was too good to be true! :)

    Good episode. Keep it up.

    wkhtmltopdf sounds like a good, free option for folks who don't want to buy ColdFusion 10.5. Thanks for the pointer.

    Sounds like Thunder really is an improvement over CFB2 (Hey, I *liked* CFB2! I upgraded out of my own pocket a few days after it was released... and I was fairly happy with CFB1 anyway... which I also bought out of my own pocket within minutes of it being released!).

    I actually thought Captivate had quietly died a death until you mentioned it - but I see Adobe is currently selling version 7. Yikes! I have horrible memories of trying to use an earlier version :(

    And just in case folks miss it on Twitter - this is especially for Scott since I know how much he loved Grumpy Cat:
  13. Michael Zock Says:
    The advantage of wkhtmltopdf is more that people can upgrade it themself when they want and won't have to rely on an Adobe-maintained feature that probably won't be kept up to date again until CF20, as has happened with the old CFDocument.
  14. Mary Jo Sminkey Says:
    I loved it!! Kudos, gentleman, well played indeed!!
  15. Richard Hughes Says:
    Well done!

    You guys suck! I was going to do one CF podcast and be "The best ColdFusion Podcast"

    I am the last horse to cross the line. I was talking to Scott's co-worker last night and he told me it was a joke. :(
  16. XRumerTest Says:
    Hello. And Bye.

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