Show #213: Closure

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Titanfall, grills, and Amazon TV kick things off this week. Scott and Dave talk about a good use of the Twitters. Then they give their thoughts on ColdFusion "Thunder" (cue 80's cop show music). They wrap things up with an Adobe Forum post that will blow your mind, and our hosts get some closure.

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Amazon TV

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41 responses to “Show #213: Closure”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    You're linking to the wrong episode (212), above, guys.

  2. Adam Cameron Says:
    Well that's a shame. Cheers for the service you have provided to the CF community over the years, chaps.

    Oh... and you've really got your work cut out for you if you are going to try to set BKBK straight on the Adobe ColdFusion forums. He is a very... ummm... "idiosyncratic" kind of individual.

  3. Andy K Says:
    You guys and Letterman announcing retirement on the same night... coincidence???
  4. John Whish Says:
    ...and I actually thought you were going to be talking about Clojure and it was one of Scott's typos!

    Just adding my thanks for putting the time and effort in over the years.

    Some people may think you just throw the show together but I'm pretty sure it's been through many hours of careful scripting and editorial processes each week :)

    Good luck for the future guys!
  5. Adam Tuttle Says:
    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!
  6. Ben Says:
    What a bunch of jerks. ;_)
  7. Brian Says:
    Adam Tuttle stole my comment. Thanks for the hours & hours of entertainment and education.
  8. Dana K Says:
    Thanks for all the effort and time guys, it was much appreciated.
  9. Carl V. Says:
    Dave and Scott,
    Thanks for several years of educating and entertaining us all. I will miss my weekly-ish dose of humor and S/O angst.
    Best Wishes from CFHour Stalker #2
  10. Steven Neiland Says:
    End of an era. Sorry to see you calling it a day.

    Thanks for providing so much entertainment (and the occasional coldfusion story) over the years.
  11. Snake Says:
    lol to that guy who doesn't know what omit means, that was hilarious.
  12. Jared Smith Says:
    No! Say it ain't so! I will miss this podcast. If you guys every decide to pick back up the podcast mantle, I will happily listen again.

    Thanks for all the hours of awesome.
  13. James Allen Says:
    Ah man, you should have spoken to me about a farewell outtro voice over..

    Sad to see you go - CFHour has been a CF community institution for so long. Having done my radio show for almost 4 years I can understand the time and effort it takes to put on a weekly broadcast.

    Thanks for everything you've done for the community over the years guys!
  14. RogerTheGeek Says:
    Everything comes to an end eventually. It's been real.
  15. Kris K Says:
    Really bummed to hear the news. I'll definitely miss this podcast. Thank you for all the time and effort you've put in over the years. You guys are awesome!
  16. Andy Allan Says:
    It's bad enough I've not seen Scott since ... 2010, but now I won't even get to hear his voice.

  17. Charlie Arehart Says:
    Wow, indeed. What a shock to hear, first in the twittersphere then when I finally got to this week's show. Never saw that one coming. (Please tell us this is all an April Fool's joke!)

    Still, of course, whether it is or not, it's a great time to stop and give you guys well-deserved thanks for your effort over the years. In fact, I have a lot more to say (thanks, reminiscences, hope for the future, and more), and as the comment got longer, I decided it was better placed in a blog entry (

    But bottom line, on behalf of the silent majority out there, thanks, guys. You will (or would, if a prank) be missed!
  18. Brian Swartzfager Says:
    What I liked most about the show were the coding stories, where one of you described how you went about solving a really vexing problem. They were good reminders that we all overlook things or make dumb mistakes from time-to-time.

    Thank you both for your hard work; CFHour will be missed.
  19. Chris Says:
    Sorry to see you guys go. I've only been listening for a few months but its been good.
  20. Sean Corfield Says:
    Guys! No! I'd finally become a regular listener and you pack it in?

    Totally understand the time constraints thing - years ago I looked into creating a podcast (intended to be 20 minute episodes, each one an informal interview with a well known CF community member) and it never happened because of the huge amount of work involved with organizing, editing, and so on. I don't know how you've managed to fit a one hour (plus) podcast into your schedules for so long.

    Thanks for all the hard work over the years (even if a large number of your episodes annoyed the crap out of me, especially the "pre-Scott" era! :) You've been an institution!
  21. Pete Freitag Says:
    Will miss it, thanks for doing it for so many years!
  22. Chuck Duppong Says:
    In early 2012 I started listening to back episodes of CFHour as part of my immersive learning of ColdFusion. It was a welcome source of shop talk (or convention center bar talk) that I'd listen to on my hour commute. More than once Scott had me laughing so hard I had to pull over.

    I'm going to miss this show. Thanks guys.
  23. Richard Hughes Says:
    I'll miss you guys!

    Thanks for all the service!

    Now I'll have to learn how to read to get my cf news. :(
  24. Denard Springle Says:
    Wow... just catching up and very sorry to see you guys go, but definitely understand the time it takes to produce such a show. I've really enjoyed listening to your podcast and I've learned a lot from you guys, so a very sincere thank you for all your time and effort.
  25. Vicky Says:
    Wow. Sorry to see CFHour come to an end, but you certainly have my understanding when it comes to the work involved. You also have my undying gratitude for allowing CodeBass Radio and me to be along for the ride, especially in the form of some live conference broadcasts. We sure came up against a variety of venues and kicked ass 99% of the time save for a bad cable and a drunk or two.

    Dave, I had the privilege of seeing you morph from a relative broadcasting newbie into a consummate professional. It was an inspiration to watch. You don't need me to tell you that the community would not have been the same without you over the years.

    Onward & upward!
  26. gary Says:
    Well, I suppose now I can say "The CFML Community" is really now on its last leg ... And no one can say anything about the "CF community ... (SS)"

    I think you do have more than one listener and the show will be missed!

    Gary F
  27. Charlie Arehart Says:
    @Gary, can't tell if you're being serious or kidding (about the "last leg" comment).

    I'd say it's actually encouraging that it took 26 comments and nearly a week before someone said it here. :-) And I actually wondered aloud how long it would take, in the blog entry I point to in my comment above, where I also share at least one opinion on why I do NOT think this means that the community is on its last leg.

    Anyway, I do hope that can of worms won't be debated to death here. :-) There are plenty of places folks can read the arguments for and against it. Just google: is coldfusion dead or dying.
  28. Tony Garcia Says:
    Finally got around to listening to this today. As someone who has listened regularly to the show since Episode 1 (with Dave and Mike), it's definitely sad to hear the show end. I totally get it, though. Thanks a lot for keeping it going for this long. It was a good ride.
  29. gary Says:
    @Charlie ... Much Sarcasm on CF being dead. I also put in a small dig at SS and his rant on the CFML (vs CF) community. (Thinking I could goad them into another episode! :) )

    As for being dead, I doubt its 'dead'; I like to call CFML the 'Redheaded stepchild of the polygot languages!

    I use www tiobe dot com to track language popularity and CFML is in the bottom 50 (of the top 100). Its really odd but I looked at a few of the 20-50 languages and searched indeed dot com nationally 8 jobs for a higher language vs 800+ (in the US) mentioning coldfusion. Me thinks the figures don't jive!

    Who knows, perhaps DF and SS will create a youtube channel and post erratically, sporadically, or irregularly!

    Again, the show will be missed! (Even if we in the CFML community ... are not that interesting!) dig dig.. haha
  30. Mary Jo Says:
    I'd heard the news but just got around to listening the latest podcast, I'd become a pretty regular listener over the last year and sometimes vocal commenter as well ;-) You definitely will leave a big hole in the community.
  31. Charlie Arehart Says:
    @Gary, thanks for the clarification. I'll say that if the guys don't pursue a youtube channel, I mentioned in my blog entry that I had started one ( No, it won't have the sort of banter they had, of course (who could match that?!).

    Nor will I cover news of the week (but I share in that blog entry links to other resources to help people find that). But I will be covering all kinds of tips related to CF. Not trying to "sell anything". Just sharing it as another means to hope to help fill the void, and as you mentioned hope for possible Youtube coverage.
  32. gary Says:
    @Charlie (and any)

    I wish I had found the cfhour show earlier, but it does look like it will stay online, just not update weekly or biweekly. (Perhaps after a time off SS and DF can find time to do them sporadically or on major news. (I think everyone would welcome that!)

    Great news on your YT channel. I still visit your site for the connect lessons/programs. etc.
  33. Alberto Genty Says:
    WELL THIS SUCKS!!! In the few months I have been a listener I have enjoyed EVERY episode... The banter, the opinions, the hating, the praising, the insight... All great stuff... That said, I get it. I can only imagine how hard it is doing what you guys make seem easy week after week.

    Truly a huge loss for the CF community. It was great meeting you guys at cfSummit and I really enjoyed what you've done here.

    In any case, should you change your minds or if this turns out to be an April Fools joke, no one will be better pleased than I. All the best.

  34. Sean Corfield Says:
    I'm kinda surprised you're getting so much praise... I mean, you were an entertaining comedy duo but you weren't a great source of accurate news or factual information because you rarely did any research (and Dave in particular often wasn't at all clued up on many of the articles you ended up discussing). Let's keep this in perspective.

    You got better recently - because you got so publicly beaten up for your uninformed rants - but most of your past episodes have been full of misinformation and wild personal opinion without much basis in fact. I think that aspect has made the CFML community worse off because - as we can see from the comments here - many people seem to take you pretty seriously and look up to you as experts... and whilst you are experts on certain topics, you take on a lot of topics where you are far from expert and that's not where you shine (except for entertainment).

    Yeah, you put in a lot of effort and we recognize that but, really, the end of the podcast is not a "huge loss for the CF community".
  35. Scott Stroz Says:
  36. Dave Ferguson Says:
    Dang Sean... a bit harsh.
  37. RogerTheGeek Says:
    I guess I would have to agree to much of what Sean was saying, though, being a southerner, I probably would have said it in a very long analogy about a mountain goat and a pear tree.
    I never really looked at CFHour as a ColdFusion informational podcast as much as a fun romp with some geeky tendencies. It was nice to know that many of my concerns were similar to those of people across the CF community, but in other cases, I did think it was over the top. I think one problem with the ACP program is the lack of transparency at times. People know more than the community so rumors get traction. I never liked to hear that NDAs kept nuggets of wisdom from those of us outside the inner circle.
    The nice thing with blogs, vlogs, and podcasts is you can turn them off when they annoy you.
  38. Alberto Genty Says:
    Hm... I respectfully disagree.

    Granted, I was a new listener and do not know enough about times prior, but in the time that I had been listening, this is what I noticed... Most things were fine, some were not... But more importantly, Scott and Dave were doing something for the community (a fact that seems hugely unappreciated by some). If they came up short, they owned it and corrected it. Even when being unfairly characterized or bashed. Even with constant, biased, and at times, unfounded criticism. Still, they always embraced it graciously. For my part, I think that is something to be respected and admired.

    Not to say that it didn't happen, but I don't recall ever seeing Scott or Dave referred to as "experts"… But more to the point, must someone be an expert to have an opinion or discuss a topic? If someone doesn't know everything about everything, does that somehow invalidate them or discredit them from having a discussion? I think not... If that were the case, none of us would have a right to say anything.

    My point is that they stirred conversation. I, for one, never took what was said as Gospel, but it was engaging and helped me to become more informed (whether from the show itself or by doing additional research on the topics).

    Based on some of what I have read on the show comments, it seems that some could probably care less given that they always seemed to see the worst in what Dave and Scott were doing. It's unfortunate that such was the case…

    In any case, yes, a huge loss… And from what I can tell, it is an opinion echoed by most. Again, all the best to you guys.
  39. Brian Says:
    I'm not usually one to seek out confrontation, but I have to say Sean, I think you were a bit harsh. Did/Do I look to CFHour as my definitive source for news and best practices/techniques? No. Definitely not. Scott & Dave each have their own areas of expertise and I believe they would each tell you that they have shortcomings too.

    I looked/look forward to each new episode of CFHour for two reasons: entertainment and inspiration. I know Scott & Dave, not well, but I do consider them to be professional acquaintances who also happen to be interesting, likable guys. I, for one, enjoy/enjoyed "the waffle" as it was like sitting down with them for a virtual beer (albeit one-sided).

    The podcast is also inspiring for me. Scott & Dave may not be the be-all, end-all developers, but they are more experienced than I am. Listening to them discuss how they've approached various issues and tools/techniques/libraries/frameworks they used made/makes me excited about learning new things and improving my skills. If a github profile is the new resume for a developer, then mine is woefully sparse. Listening to this pod makes me want to go out and build shit, even if it's only useful to me or even if it's only to learn new language or practice (*steps down off of the fanboy stool*).

    I don't think it was ever the intention of CFHour to be a definitive technical reference. A podcast like that would probably be pretty boring. If we keep the perspective that the podcast is meant to be entertaining, informative and perhaps thought-provoking, then it's not hard to see that it does have a place in the CFML community. Nor is it hard to understand why so many folks would consider its (apparently phony) demise to be a loss.

    I've not yet listened to episode 214 yet, so I don't know if the last episode was meant simply as a prank or if they had some larger motivation (perhaps to spark a discussion such as this one).
  40. Adam Cameron Says:
    Sean was articulating a negative opinion, although not a mean-spirited one, and he articulated it politely. Equally, what he says was generally correct (obviously IMO). I don't see why anyone would take issue at what he said.

    When Scott and Dave talk about stuff they know about, or have actually taken the time to research, then it's interesting content.

    However there are a *lot* of times where they speak seemingly authoritatively on topics which they DON'T know so much about, and I think they do themselves a disservice there. And from the community perspective, it's just funny if one KNOWS they're mixed up about something, but if someone is listening who DOESN'T know their opinions aren't informed ones, then that's less than ideal.

    On the whole I really like the podcast, and I look forward to each new one coming out. However I think some of the more self-indulgent content could be edited out: the tournamenting (etc), and the non-researched stuff.

    Still: I'm pleased it's back. Good stuff guys.

  41. Phil Says:
    This is the second time I've given the show a listen, and to be honest, I don't know why this even lasted so long.

    Pretty self indulgent, and very boring for the majority. Also, the "he-said, so I said" recounting of an argument you had in the adobe forums just sounded petty, and like you were struggling for content.

    Not cool.

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