Show #211: Troll's Play, Will Target Pay, CFClient OK and the Fox Runs Away

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This week Scott and Dave discuss patent trolls who are trying to license all podcasts. They talk about the incredible ineptitude that happened with the Target debacle, update you on the Windows 8 touch version for Firefox, discuss some things related to Scott's switch to Railo including how HackMyCF handled it and how quickly the Railo bug he found was fixed. They wrap up by discussing more things wrong with the CF community ( involves StackOverflow posts), and then Dave breaks down his experience with CFClient Beta.

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Patent Trolls Suck

Good Job Target

No Firefox on Windows 8

THIS is what is wrong with the CF Community


Help out Jared


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5 responses to “Show #211: Troll's Play, Will Target Pay, CFClient OK and the Fox Runs Away”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    I have a CF9 CFWACK here. ON page 57 of volume 2, they have an example of outputting mark-up directly from a CFC function. It looks like what the poor guy on Stack Overflow was referring to.

    Now to find who wrote this chapter and invite them to not write about CFML ever again, I think.

  2. Jim Priest Says:
    The headline of the linked FF article is a bit misleading but the way I understand it is there will no more development of Firefox for the Windows 8 "Metro" interface.,26317.html
  3. Michael Zock Says:
    Not a top podcast?
    It's still my favorite source for Stack Overflow rants! ;)
  4. David Epler Says:
    Yes, while I agree that the CF WACK books should be completely re-written.

    You neglected to mention that there are other resources out there to learn ColdFusion such as Learn ColdFusion in a Week, which illustrates better coding practices.
  5. Sean Corfield Says:
    Finally getting around to this episode... sorry, "segment"... I don't know why you were surprised that CFWACK might be teaching bad CFML practices? That's been brought up by several people and there have been huge flame^H^H^H^H^Hdiscussions online about how bad the CFWACK code is and the terrible approach it takes to teaching well-structured code.

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