Show #210 - She's Dead Jim!

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This week Matt "The Awesome Producer (emeritus)" Gifford joins Scott and Dave to talk about whether or not "CFML is dying".  The trio also talk about insecure passwords, Scott's experience in trying Railo, Dave's experience in trying Handlebars, numbers nowbeing numbers, and a cool new jQuery plug-in.

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Show Topic Links:

We have all used one of these at least once

Railo 4.2 Beta

Maybe CF is too forgiving

A good reason to NOT use SELECT * from

isValid will finally work

MouseIntent jQuery Plug-in

CFML is dying.. lets push it to Groovy syntax instead.

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20 responses to “Show #210 - She's Dead Jim!”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    Another excellent podcast guys. I'll not comment on the observations about my blog post (as you've partially "not got it", but that's been thrashed out in the comments against it already).

    But make sure - if you read the article linked to above - you also read the follow-up:
    http: // /2014/03/clarification-and-some-notes-on.html

    (I've broken up the URL to try to get past your spam detector, which keeps complaining this is spam!)

  2. Adam Cameron Says:
    Yeah, you need to look @ your spam-trap settings I think. Just because I included a URL in my comment doesn't make it spam!

  3. Mary Jo Says:
    Glad to see my 'pet bug' isValid() mentioned in the podcast....although let's be clear, Adobe did not agree to fix this without considerable effort, tweeting, and blogging on the problem by the community. And even then, they did NOT drop 'backwards compatibility' but added a new setting where you can enable the current incredibly buggy behavior if you want to. The fact that they think ANYONE would use a integer validation that allows things like commas, spaces, or my favorite, dollar signs, is a great reflection of people doing the server code that aren't developers themselves.
  4. Phillip Senn Says:
    I wonder what the next acquisition is going to be.
    Remember that CF was bought by Adobe, etc, etc.

    Adobe also bought phonegap.
    There are changes in the syntax, but what about acquisitions for some of the bigger stuff?

    Are there any tools that you wish Adobe provided a shortcut to via a cf command?

    Maybe a Google oAuth sign in.
    I'd like to introspect a Word document myself, to see what fonts are being used, whether the student is using automatic page numbering or not, who the original author of the document was...
  5. Sean Corfield Says:
    Regarding Railo 4.2 Beta in production - World Singles has been running in production for a while and it's been rock solid. We haven't updated to yet since we don't need queryExecute() (or any of the specific bug fixes) - we're holding out for the update that includes arrayMap() / arrayReduce() ... where is coming soon :)
  6. Sean Corfield Says:
    Posted that while I was listening. Now I've finished the whole show (OMG! I got through an entire show in one sitting without wanting to reach through the tubes and slap you!), I would like to say "Great show!" although you misread Adam's intentions with his "CFML++" blog post - as noted above and clarified in the follow up post (I misread his intentions at first too, so we can all blame Adam for that).

    I was puzzled that, like Denard, you seem to think that it's not acceptable to talk about the decline of CFML and what our options are / what might be the next step. Well, Scott, you seemed more sympathetic to such talk, given that you accept CFML *is* declining (dying), but I was disappointed that both Matt and Dave think to even talk about it somehow makes it worse...

    As we've seen from the recent isValid() debacle, the community have to get pretty riled up about something to get Adobe to take any notice, so if we all quietly go about our business, with our collective heads in the sand, no one's going to do jack about CFML's decline. We MUST speak out. We owe it to ourselves and the broader community to have these open and honest discussions about what could be done to stave off the demise of our "favorite" language. The status quo is NOT acceptable. Saying nothing is NOT acceptable.
  7. Matt Gifford Says:
    Hi Sean

    I'm glad there's a show that you enjoyed without inducing minor rage.
    In response, I dont think talking about the decline of CFML makes it worse at all. My point, perhaps not elegantly portrayed in succinct words on the show, was that we should talk about CFML and get it moving, but in a constructive manner that doesnt instantly lay blame on the language for it's shortfalls or continue to persist the 'CFML is dying/dead' argument'.

    I've been aware for some time that something has to give eventually and never to rely on just one language (which I never have). In all honesty I was drawn in by the blatant link bait title from Adam and I dont like seeing that kind of message at all, from a community member or not, whether it's a joke title or not. It doesnt help the cause from the first glance. The content may well do, but the title doesnt.

    I do, however, admire all of the work Adam has done and continues to do in getting the community talking and discussing topics such as these. You are right. Without vocalising issues and concerns nothing will change (or it will but at an incredibly slow rate). I agree with that too. All I was attempting to say was that we should bring up these issues without necessarily having an impact on bringing in new developers, which also needs to happen for CFML to stay alive.
  8. Scott Stroz Says:
    Sean - good to know about 4.2. I am going to update locally and see if there are any issues with my sites (though I suspect there won't be)
  9. Scott Stroz Says:
    Oops...spoke too soon. Updated locally to 4.2 and reloaded my golf league site and *BOOM* -

    Googling now.....
  10. Adam Cameron Says:
    Someone needs a slap upside the head for that. A *deprecated* function should still work.

    You gonna raise this on the Google Group?

  11. Scott Stroz Says:
    Aye...already done....
  12. Sean Corfield Says:
    After you updated via the admin, double check whether it also wants to update some JAR files separately. And Tomcat / Jetty will need a full restart at that point.
  13. Scott Stroz Says:
    Sean - where would I see a message about updating JARs separately?

    First thing I did when I saw the error was to restart the Railo service - that did not help.
  14. Sean Corfield Says:
    It would be on the update page. It's just not as obvious as an engine update.
  15. Gert Franz Says:
    Hey guys,

    I'm just at the beginning of the show, here are my 2 ct on CFDUMP.
    In the past, if, for whatever reason one dumped a large for example query, it could have taken ages to load. That has been greatly improved. Some people do dump the application scope sometimes :-)

    Anyway, regarding the colors. Just do the following in your Application.cfc:


    And you have the ACF colors.

  16. Gert Franz Says:
    Btw, we have fixed the isValid() issues in the latest 4.2 release of Railo.

  17. Sean Corfield Says:
    Scott, I see Railo fixed your issue in Have you tried your app on that yet?
  18. Scott Stroz Says:
    I just updated and ran a few pages locally and it seems that the issue I reported has been fixed in 4.2.003
  19. Sean Corfield Says:

    Created:    Last Friday 10:39 AM
    Updated:    Last Friday 2:34 PM
    Resolved:    Last Friday 2:34 PM is the currently available "dev" version now.
  20. Scott Stroz Says:
    I updated the server yesterday and everything appears to be running smoothly. Even updated to today.

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