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In this week's show Dave and Scott discuss product updates, all things 'Box' and more issues with StackOverflow framework questions. They also discuss chocolate and kidneys. For real. Welcome to CFHour.


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Mmmmm Chocolate

Digital Only Please

Mura 6.1 is released

Details on Into The Box 2014 have been announced deadline almost here (1/31)

Knowing when you are doing it wrong

Using ‘undocumented’ features - good, bad, or somewhere in between?


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9 responses to “Show #206 - Mucho Happy Box”

  1. Brad Wood Says:
    Entertaining show as always guys. You mentioned that DataBoss is not called DataBox. I had to share that when I asked about it, the response was that "it just sounded cooler" :)

    Thanks for mentioning Into The Box as well. I'll give you a teaser-- if you follow the link you get from cf.Objective() after buying your cf.O tickets, you'll get $50 dollars off Into The Box. :)

    Also, I'd love for you guys to provide some feedback on ContentBox Modular CMS which has been around for a while, but obviously is not as popular yet as Mura. I made a quick note of all the Mura features you mentioned and you might be surprised to know that ContentBox already supports all of them as well:

    * DI/1 (WireBox)
    * Audit trail (Content Versioning)
    * custom modules, widgets plugins (Modules can add menu contributions, admin screens, settings, etc)
    * Fuseguard integration (Via FuseGuard Module)
    * Create sites in less than a day (Just converted my sister's school classroom site very easily)
    * Add as a basis for a site and add functionality. (It all just runs on ColdBox so you can actually drop the ContentBox modules into an existing ColdBox site.)
    * Client manage content (Full permission flexibility)
    * Upload images (drag-and-drop uploads/media manager)
    * Bootstrap 3/LESS (front end and back end is fully skinnable)

    We're still working on docs but we think ContentBox already stands up to most other CMSs out there and we'd love feedback.
  2. gary f Says:
    Chocolate printer ...

    ha ha a few weeks ago there was a story about a 3D printer that prints (raw) pizza. ( You still have to cook it ..)

    ahhh pink slime sausage and pink slime chicken ... yum

  3. Nathan Strutz Says:
    Hello, gents,
    About MVC, remember that it's a methodology to organize YOUR code and help YOU work better. If you think you can make a better menu by creating 10 different layout files, I guess that's your thing, and if it helps, then yeah, do it. Really though, that's not going to be the way to make developers happy, and you should always strive for programming bliss if you can. Also, as I like to say, don't start with more, start with less.

    Oh, and that undocumented tag, cfant. Just give it your build file to make it go. It totally works and I totally used it in a presentation at CF.Objective() :-D
  4. Andy K Says:
    Re: all the talk of "waffle" from before... I am one of those who prefers less waffle, but I understand all of the things you mentioned in previous podcasts about this - and hey: it's your show, so do what ya like!

    But - I just wanted to chime in and say that the segment that you had about the views (re: Adam C's comments on SO)... *that* kind of discussion is the type of content that I (personally) love to listen to and would love to hear more of. I find those discussions far more meaningful and thought provoking than "What's new" types of topics.

    Anyways, keep up the good work!
  5. Brian C Says:
    re: waffle: I like the waffle, both about your personal lives and also the tech talk that isn't strictly CF.

    re: MVC and "view logic": I am in agreement with you guys. Scott used the phrase "violates MVC" and perhaps it does, but if the point of MVC is to make your code better and easier to maintain (as Nathan pointed out), then it's perfectly acceptable. I have a hard time imagining a scenario where 12 view files are better than one or two. Also, I agree with Andy about these types of conversations being enjoyable to listen to and good for the show.
  6. Gavin Says:
    Good show guys, I really like the last few, lots of good content.

    Since you complained that no one responded last time, I'll respond this time.

    I like the MVC talk guys... and I think you should follow the rule like Database Normalization... Normalize it till it hurts, and then de-normalize till it works.
    I think the same thing applies to mvc... pull as much business logic out until it hurts, and then put some more back in until it works / feels right.

    I think you guys are right, the view needs to be able to ask hasPermission(userid, "page_list"). The view has to work within a contract with the controller, and controller with models.
    The view doesn't need to know what user is allowed to do what, but it needs to know enough to know how to ask for the answer. The view needs enough info to do its job.

    I think you guys are right on track... and if you look at ContentBox, Mura etc, they implement the same type of logic.

    If I remember right, Adam's comment was more of a simple View situation. Like, User has a read only profile view of a user, limited vs Admin who has an extended profile with an editable form... in that case, 2 views wouldn't be bad.

    Stalker out.
  7. Raymond Camden Says:
    Just a quick note - Dave - you mentioned (pretty quickly) that the free edition of CFB had lots of stuff taken out. That isn't true at all. Yes there are things taken out, but to be honest, not things that would impact most folks. The list looks long (, but many of these things are things you can live w/o.
  8. Raymond Camden Says:
    re: E-Book prices: In general, and I'm sure there are examples, but I've seen cheaper ebook prices than physical book. As for the cost being "much" cheaper... I don't know. If it costs 20 bucks for a great novel, I'm not thinking that most of the price is the physical material. I'm assuming most of the cost is the actual story. Therefore, my assumption is that an ebook will be cheaper, just not significantly cheaper. (And of course, you don't pay shipping either so that cuts some of the price.)
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