Show #2 - AJAX and EXT

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In this episode we discuss Ajax and EXT. We discuss the differences between EXT baked into ColdFusion and the version of EXT. We also touch on EXT theming and ColdEXT.iTunes Link

7 responses to “Show #2 - AJAX and EXT”

  1. Gary Fenton Says:
    Good show guys. Audio quality is good and it starts playing extremely quickly. jQuery is the way to go, but hopefully it will never get built-in to CF in a way that locks you into a specific version of jQuery. Good luck with the rest of the shows.
  2. Justin Carter Says:
    You almost got my name right Dave ;) Congrats on the podcast and hope you're getting well!

    With ColdExt, the idea is that the tags are just as quick and easy to work with as what was built-in to CF8, but with the added benefit of using Ext 2.x (and other new versions as they are released) and to support a number of CF engines, including CFMX7, CF8, Railo and OpenBD.

    I should have a new version ready to roll in the next couple of weeks with Ext 2.2.1 and some new user extensions. I'll be sure to include a link to the work you've done on the Dreamweaver support :)
  3. Jimmy Says:
    Great show. First one with real teeth. I'd love if you could get a blog posting up elaborating on the Firebug security work around. Some serious security issues there if somebody is using firebug to analyze Ext/YUI data calls. Again...I really like where this show is going.
  4. Just a guy... Says:
    Great Show guys.
    Speak up Dave!
    Hey! Look over there.....

  5. Henry Ho Says:
    Nice show..!

    So where's the link for generating theme for CF (around 19 minute mark)
  6. Glyn Jackson Says:
    really liked the show guys you have real atmosphere. found the download by mistake when search for ColdExt, happy it did!
  7. Andrew Duvall Says:
    good presentation. I'm curious now that CF9 is released, but Uses EXT3, is there a way to use ColdEXT still which is based on the EXT2.2 engine. I heard around the 30 minute marker of this presentation that you were going to super class the EXT2.2 engine. I'm not sure that would work; but do you remember your results?

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