Show #195 - Stop. Just Stop

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In this show Dave and Scott discuss the numerous flaws provided in the latest Safari offering in iOS7, how we should be constructive about CFML engines and how to break your Google Map implementation in mere seconds. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


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HTML5 and iOS 7

NCDevcon - for those that were not there

STOP using CF UI tags!


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3 responses to “Show #195 - Stop. Just Stop”

  1. Gavin Says:
    The funny thing about CFMAP... It would have stopped working in MAY!!!
    He's just figuring it out now :)
  2. David Epler Says:
    For Google Maps API v3 support you need to have specific updates installed.

    ColdFusion 10 - Update 8 or higher -
    ColdFusion 9.0.2 - Cumulative Hotfix 1 -
    ColdFusion 9.0.1 - Cumulative Hotfix 4 -
    ColdFusion 9.0.0 - Cumulative Hotfix 3 -

    Or just Unofficial Updater 2 for ColdFusion 9.0.x -
  3. Andy Says:
    did I miss #196? I thought I read on Cutter's blog that you guys recorded a couple of weeks ago, so just wondering if it will be uploaded soon?

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