Show #191 - Squeezing Them In

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In this show Dave and Scott discuss fighting nerds, some updates to the CF Summit schedule and give some long overdue love to Mr Ben Nadel.


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Session interest at CFSummit

Siri and Glass start fighting

Google Chromecast drops support for local content...or did they?

Looping over Java arrays in CF 10


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4 responses to “Show #191 - Squeezing Them In”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    Scott, your dashboard problem sounds like a *sitter* for using CFLAYOUT / CFLAYOUTAREA and CFPOD.

    You're welcome.

    Listener #2

  2. Scott Stroz Says:
    I knew someone would say something like that......
  3. Gavin Says:
    At CF Objective, It cost me a lot of beer to bribe all those people to come listen, and when you asked if they listened, it almost bankrupt me to have them raise their hands :P

    And, I thought people would love your short shows.
    CF HOUR minus the 40 mins of irrelevant self indulgence, the show is 20 mins long.
    I guess this means people want to hear your irrelevant self indulgence :)

    So game on.

    RE - apache config, I'm building a lil CF Tool to help my people manage Apache config, tomcat config, vhosts, rewrites, dns records and even create the app folder + structure (generating the files etc for new sites).
    Mainly for our Dev server, but I thought if I make it right, people can use it locally too.

    I don't mind editing them, but I want to make it easy for others to change a site from CF9 to 10 or Railo, or setup a new site using one template or another, and saves me time fixing stuff.

    Glad I didn't choose MAMP by the sounds of it :)
  4. Dana K Says:
    I'm glad you guys posted about the CF Summit email. I received 4 of them yesterday, but they looked (and were flagged) as malicious. The emails came from an email redirected via My browser, computer, and mail app all crapped their pants over this....

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