Show #187 - World Domination

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In this week's marathon show the guys talk about an ehancement request for ColdFusion that is a must have.  They also talk about some things in ColdFusion you shouldn't use.  Scott talk about how he is  just a few steps closer to world domination and how FusionReactor save his rear.  Dave talks about his latest adventures with ORM and how Scott was probably right. 


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ColdFusion Enhancement Request

Open source airplane -

StackOverflow - Passing two form variables in a single URL

StackOverflow - ColdFusion: cfselect and disabled attribute from variable

ColdFusion docs wiki -


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1 response to “Show #187 - World Domination”

  1. Richard Hughes Says:
    Great, there is a wiki!

    Can we get the cfdump page to have a link to the writeDump function? And so on...

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