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In this week's show, Dave and Scott discuss the ColdFusion update with Java 7 support, how NOT to build your ColdFusion apps and some useful Bootstrap plugins.


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ColdFusion Updates - Support for Java 7

Yahoo says ‘No telecommute for you!’

Evernote resets passwords

DateTime Picker Bootstrap Plugin

Modal Manager Bootstrap Plugin

Told you so... (Says Adam)


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2 responses to “Show #172 - Java 7 Support”

  1. Adam Cameron Says:
    Hi guys
    Thanks for the mention in the podcast. I was kinda expecting a telling off when I saw my name in the show notes, so am pleased it was just an accusation of panty twistedness. Which, hey, yeah fair enough.

    Re the Java 6 being EOLed and Java 7 working on CF for ages... yeah, sure. I've been running 7 for ages, and obviously there's no need for a lot of people to upgrade from Java 6 for the time being.

    However there are a lot of situations in which - for whatever reason - companies CAN only run on support-certified (and not EOLed) software. It might be for dumb bureaucratic reasons, or it might be cos the government says, or [whatever]. This is not unreasonable, and it's also not uncommon. Just because it's fine for you and I do run our rigs whichever way we want doesn't mean that's how everyone can roll. It's a fairly common stance in the *ENTERPRISE* (you know, where Adobe like to play ball) to be like this.

    At the end of the day it's a minor thing from Adobe, but I do think they lack professional courtesy in their approach here, and it would have been so easy for them to simply *not* have done that. That was really all I meant.

    But another good podcast guys: keep up the good work.

  2. Gavin Says:
    Merry Christmas to you too Scott :)
    You were close, it was a holiday, but you were off, by a few months... try EASTER not Christmas :)
    As for meeting you at a conference, if Matt 'your awesome producer' Gifford picks me for his free CFObjective ticket on his blog competition, maybe I can meet your cooler, oh, and you guys too there. If not, hopefully we can meet at the Adobe Coldfusion Conference when they finalize it.

    So, 172 episodes plus the unnumbered, deleted, and lost, in the time you release 3 episodes, I'm not going to like listening to one a week or two :)
    One more episode and I'll give you a full report.

    And no, i dont have too much time on my hands, but a majority of my time is all about CF right now, and my passion is coming out of my shell and diving into the community more... that and a 17 month old and a new born, so not much sleep, lots of time for podcasts while burping babies and changing diapers :)

    As for the forms, I cannot believe that. I have trained quite a few junior programmers, and no one I have trained has tried to do something as crazy as that.
    Hell, when I worked for the University of Auckland, my bosses (yes we had like 3 of them) went to a 5 day fast track to cold fusion, came back and said, we're implementing this, here are our binders learn this.
    By Monday morning I had written my own simple News / Blog Application in Coldfusion 3 or 4, its been so long I forget, but I did it the right way then, so there is no excuse for forms like that... I can't even fathom doing it that way. Its like using PHP to tie your shoes.

    Anyways, one more episode, I better get that done... i might need more than one an email to give you my report... I might have to start a blog to report my findings.

    Happy Easter.

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