Show #171 - Access Still Sucks

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In this week's show, Dave and Scott discuss the latest jQuery Mobile release, how to speed up your ColdFusion 10 start processes and how to get run over if you wear Google Glass.


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Google Glass

jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 released

E-seminar on FusionReactor

cf.Objective() 2013 Schedule

Firefox OS

Faster CF10 starts


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3 responses to “Show #171 - Access Still Sucks”

  1. Steven Neiland Says:
    I have to disagree guys. If you use cfajax you do not hurt yourself.

    You hurt the unfortunate developer who comes after you and has to either suffer cfajax of spend large chucks of their life ripping that junk out.
  2. Steven Neiland Says:

    And yes adobe...Stop creating new ui tags.

    We need to stop enabling crappy *enterprise* developers who have no real understanding of the code they are writing.
  3. Phillip Senn Says:
    I use the preservedata feature of cfform so that my form variables have default values without specifying the value clause.

    Q: Do you use input name="myName" value="#form.myName#"?
    And along with it, param name="form.myName" default=""?

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