Show #163 - Caring After Sandy

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In this week's show, Dave, Scott and Matt discuss the latest industry news, the release of several open source projects, including jQuery Mobile download builder and ColdBox 3.5.3, and a new giveaway is announced. Show you care. #CFHourCares.


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ColdFusion 10 Update 4 available

No more cfObjective(ANZ)

Google helps US voters find out information

jQuery Mobile download builder

ColdBox Platofrm 3.5.3 released (and wirebox 1.6, and mockbox 2.0, and cacheBox 1.4)

Phonegap 2.2 released

Windows 8 -- Why does my desktop look like a tablet?

Sam Farmer - bear: ORM text-based diagram

Matt Gifford - monkehTweets update – now supports Twitter API v1.1

Mark Kruger - Adding values back to debug queries

Adam Cameron - ColdFusion 10 clustering

Sandy - before and after pictures


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3 responses to “Show #163 - Caring After Sandy”

  1. Phillip Senn Says:
    If you go to the bottom of Matt Gifford's blog, you can go swirl-y crazy.
  2. Matt Gifford Says:
    Phillip, I think you're the only person who has noticed that!
  3. Adam Cameron Says:
    Nah, I noticed it. Whilst I thought it was cute, I didn't think it mentionworthy, sorry ;-)


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