Show #149 - Sublime, Gists and Dinner

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In this week's show Scott tries (again) with the unofficial ColdFusion updater and has more joy with Sublime Text 2. It's all about perseverance, people.

Our hosts also discuss Git, Gists and what code you should publish publicly. Dave may be 'on a promise', if only he can rustle up dinner in time... dare we find out?

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1 response to “Show #149 - Sublime, Gists and Dinner”

  1. Sean Coyne Says:

    Regarding your PhoneGap Build issue, all you need to do is add a second remote to your git repository and then push to it. SourceTree makes this very easy. Just click the "Settings" button in the top right of the SourceTree window.

    You should see your first "origin" remote, but you could add another one called "github" for example and point it to your repo there.

    That is the primary benefit of git. Its a distributed system so you can have as many copies of it on as many servers and local machines as you like.

    I do this to mirror repositories on both Bitbucket and Github. You just do 2 pushes instead of one.

    So when you're ready to use phone gap build, just push to github instead of "origin". No moving files around.

    Lastly, looks like PhoneGap Build does have a private git solution, I haven't used it, but it might be helpful:

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