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In this show the guys take a stab at brining you the news.  They talk about some big software releases over the past fiew days. From Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe ColdFusion 10, PhoneGap.  We also anounce some very exicting news from our sponsor!

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A little bit about our sponsor. Host Media UK is, among other things, a ColdFusion hosting provider. Click the link below for an exclusive discount for CFHour listeners using the discount code 'cfhour'

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ColdFusion 10

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  1. Phillip Senn Says:
    I run my classes from my personal website. Right now it's on a cf8 shared server. I'd really like to move it to a cf10 VPS with Microsoft SQL Server 2012. has a Linux plan with mySQL and Railo - a slight miss on all three counts. What do you guys think? Should I start using all the open source alternatives? I heard from cf objective that there is going to be a new cf10 license coming soon.

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