Show #142 - Instagram, Sublime and Prizes

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In this show Dave and Scott discuss Facebooks' purchase of Instagram, the latest release (yes, another one) of jQuery Mobile and Scott's Sublime experiences. They also announce the winner of the FusionDebug competition.

Another listener question is also answered in "Ask CFHour", and we introduce a new segment, "How Would You?". It's pure gold.

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jQuery Mobile 1.1.0

Codiqa - rapid prototyping with jQuery Mobile

Client-side error logging with Google Analytics


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2 responses to “Show #142 - Instagram, Sublime and Prizes”

  1. Steve Durette Says:
    In the show Scott mentions an Eclipse plug-in for XML, which XML plug-in is it?

  2. John Whish Says:
    Hey guys,

    I finally got around to implementing client side tracking using Aaron Greenlee's Hoth. I blogged it here:

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