Show #141 - Old Versus New

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In this show Dave and Scott discuss if something is wrong just because it is old, or just because something is new is it a valid reason to use it? They announce details of how to win a copy of Fusion Debug, and they have yet more exposure to douchebags on the web.

Some more listener questions are also answered in "Ask CFHour".

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Douchebag Exchange

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John Whish - HQL tip - use a HashMap


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2 responses to “Show #141 - Old Versus New”

  1. Phillip Senn Says:
    There are a lot of video training companies popping up online.

    A lot of them have an option where you can submit your own course
    and they provide the bandwidth if you supply the content.

    Whatdya think?
  2. Sarah Kelly Says:
    At some point, I will stop saying that I'm behind on podcasts, because it seems to go without saying.

    I'm sitting in the library listening to the beginning of the 'cast, trying not to LOL too loudly at the staple gun story!

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