Show #138 - ESAPI, StackOverflow and Community

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In this show Dave, Scott and Matt discuss the joys and frustrations of posting on StackOverflow, the announcement of the jQuery foundation and using ESAPI in your ColdFusion applications. Dave has issues with cfthread, there are some more sites for you Twitter Bootstrap lovers to check out, and they discuss the end of internal-community battles. A listener question is also answered.

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cf.Objective() Lightning Talks - Call for speakers

The jQuery Foundation

Style Bootstrap
Wrap Bootstrap
Andy Matthews - jQuery Mobile Bootstrap Theme

Jason Dean - ColdFusion, CFML, Open Source, and Friends


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2 responses to “Show #138 - ESAPI, StackOverflow and Community”

  1. Phillip senn Says:
    I love StackOverflow so much, I'm going to ask it to marry me.
  2. Gavin Says:
    Scott, you and your glass houses... I am concerned that you're not just being funny, but maybe its a running gag.
    I hope I can make it to a few conferences soon, because I have loads of tshirt ideas that I'll have to wear a different one each day.

    138 episodes (numbered ones so 150 plus really) down in less than a month.
    Not sure how I will cope with withdrawals when I get to present day and i have to wait a week at a time for an episode.

    Keep up the good work past Dave and Scott. (Feels like a back to the future moment)

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