Show #137 - Mega Ask CFHour Edition

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In this show Dave and Scott answer listener questions. Was yours answered? Tune in to find out.

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3 responses to “Show #137 - Mega Ask CFHour Edition”

  1. Phillip senn Says:
    I bet you all that backwards compatibility is due to the government being such a large customer.
    That being said, it would be nice to have a "Turn deprecated tags off" checkbox in the administrator. So for instance, in cf9 it's announced what tags will be deprecated and then in cf10 they actually are. But cf9 have a "turn deprecated tags off" ability so you can predict that at least these things absolutely will break with the next release, and then turn it back on again until the next time you want to see if your code has had a clean sweep of deprecated tags.
  2. Ryan Vikander Says:
    I love snippets. I have a blank function snippet, and with snippets you can have form elements in your snippets by adding ${Field} in your snippet will create a field input and insert your data into your snippet. Makes writing new functions pretty quick.
  3. Matt Gifford Says:
    Snippets are the cat's pyjamas! (© Stroz 2012) -

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