Show #136 - CF10 Extras and Operator Errors

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In this show Dave and Scott discuss some of the new features in ColdFusion 10 that haven't as of yet been widely acknowledged. Dave lets us in on his two-day saga with ColdFusion and MAMP, and together they chat about CFSelenium and MXUnit, as well as some fantastic news for two of the ColdFusion community members. There are also some 'whoopsies' along the way.

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7 responses to “Show #136 - CF10 Extras and Operator Errors”

  1. Mike Henke Says:
    For testing also checkout Cloudy w/ A Chance of Tests.

    It has several CFML specific inspections for "untestable" code like a compile check, varscoper, cfqueryparam, duplicate code check, and more. Marc Esher added some dummy mxunit unit and acceptance tests.
  2. Tony Miller Says:
    Although it does sound ridiculous to install software that's already installed, MAMP (and WAMPP and XAMPP) do have their place. MAMP has a non-pro free option, and WAMP and XAMPP are completely free. The idea is that you have something that doesn't require installation, can be dropped in place with no system modifications (think startup files, registry entries, etc), and you have a nice control panel that lets you start up MySQL, Apache, etc. They also usually have PHPMyAdmin and other web applications pre-installed so you don't have to.

    It's good for development, especially on Windows where the WAMP stack doesn't exist natively. It's also nice for people who don't want to make modifications to their system MySQL/Apache (if they even exist), preferring they remain in place and updated for use by whatever the system OS uses them for.
  3. Mark Mandel Says:
    Funniest. Episode. Ever.
  4. Scott Stroz Says:
    Thanx, Mark. Though, I am not too sure Dave would agree. :D
  5. Brian Swartzfager Says:
    One comment: Dave stated that he didn't feel the need to run his Selenium scripts against multiple browsers because he was more concerned about testing the logic than worrying about the pixels being perfect. But if part of the testing involves JavaScript behaviors, you do want to test it against IE at least: even though frameworks like jQuery drastically reduce browser inconsistencies, there are still scenarios where they do come up.

    Looking forward to seeing those blog posts from Dave about the things he did with Selenium (like capturing the logging).
  6. John Whish Says:
    Hi guys, noticed that you mentioned not upgraded FireFox so that it didn't stop Selenium IDE working. I've been using PaleMoon for my selenium testing and FireFox (stable) for my normal web usage.
  7. Dave Ferguson Says:
    @Brian Hey... I blogged about the CFSelenium here:

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