Show #134 - Sublime, Divas and Deployment

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In this show Dave and Scott discuss Scott's exploration into using Sublime Text 2 for code editing, what is fair compensation for speakers at conferences, Scott's issues with reserved words in an ORM application and the resolution of his MXUnit issues. Good times.

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Matt moves on

Sublime Text 2

Scott's ORM Reserved Words Post

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7 responses to “Show #134 - Sublime, Divas and Deployment”

  1. Jim Priest Says:
    Great discussion on Sublime / Eclipse / tools. I loved your analogy of looking at the bookcase vs the saw you built it with!
  2. Scott Stroz Says:
    Thanx Jim. Its not often my analogies makes sense, but I am particularly proud of that one. :D
  3. Mark Drew Says:
    Just listening to your podcast, I agree with you regarding speakers, although another thing that would make it easier (and some CF conferences do) is to pay for travel. So far I am not important enough for this, but having just paid a chunk of money to go to a conference (in the US) it gets kinda expensive.

    Having said that, the person you are talking about (wont say the name), as far as I can tell, is trying to do this professionally. Rather than just for the relevant communities so I can see his point.... not that I agree with it.
  4. Joey Daly Says:
    Great show!
    First time listener, was listening to your podcast on our shitty trains here in Melbourne, Australia.

    I'm using CFBuilder standalone with large projects, and it crashes on me. Started Googling around and found a bunch of little tiny fixes that 'may' help the performance. But since doubling my java heap size for CFBuilder I haven't really had many issues. I might try out using CFBuilder as a plugin and see what the difference is.

    p.s. Dave - it's Ctrl + C & Ctrl + V in windows and Command + C & Command + V in mac haha!
  5. Seb Duggan Says:
    Great show guys...

    I was interested in your discussion on deployment. As a small-scale developer, I don't yet have any use for continuous integration - but manage my source control with Git.

    A little while back, I wrote a blogpost about using Git to deploy your app (I've learned a few extra bits since then, so should probably write a follow-up post).

    It boils down to setting up your production server as a Git repository, and pushing your changes to it - in the post-receive hook, I also have a command that reinits the app.

    After the initial setup of ssh, it takes about 5 minutes to configure each site; and then you can simply publish all your changes via a simple:

    $ git push production

    So much easier - and more reliable - than FTP!

    Article is here:
  6. Ryan Vikander Says:
    Back in CF Builder's early stages I remember it used to crash often but I haven't had any problems in a long time. I also love having a dark background and lighter font for me editor window. For some reason I find it calmer to the eyes too much white space hurts my eyes.
  7. Jeremy Phillips Says:
    Great show. Dave Ramsey rocks! :)

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