Show #133 - Touchdowns, Fusebox and Bootstrap

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In this show Dave and Scott discuss the re-release of the Fusebox framework, Web Sockets in ColdFusion Zeus, PhoneGap 1.4 and Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.

Scott also understands why some people may shy away from writing unit tests for application development, but he doesn't let it get him down too much as he's rather happy for some reason. We're not sure why.. he's normally so quiet and reserved...

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Fusebox is back!

ColdFusion Zeus Web Sockets

PhoneGap 1.4 Released

Twitter Bootstrap


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8 responses to “Show #133 - Touchdowns, Fusebox and Bootstrap”

  1. Matt Gifford Says:
    I made the move from Windows to Mac and found it did help me with productivity. Using shortcut tools like Quicksilver and Alfred (I currently use the latter) really helped streamline how I work.

    For any SQL Server development or anything that I need a Windows platform to run apps on I have VMWare Fusion installed, which is great. I can build a bridge using the network port to use the SQL Server on the VM image from the local Mac development site.
  2. Scott Stroz Says:
    I use Launchy on Windows. It works just like Quicksilver.

    I surely do not miss needing to run a VM to run SQL server. Though, I have not had to fire up the VM on my personal laptop in quite some time (last time was for school sometime early last year).

    For me, there really is no app/feature in OS X that is not available on Windows - and before any one says 'Spaces' - I never used Spaces...hated Spaces...with the heat of a thousand suns I hated Spaces.

    One thing I have tried since switching is using the GMail web interface as my 'mail client'. I will admit, I really liked Apple Mail, but for how I want to use them, Outlook & Thunderbird are simply awful and resource hogs. Now I just have Gmail in a 'pinned' tab in Chrome. Its really nice NOT having a mail client open all the time.
  3. Scott Stroz Says:
    BTW - Love the background on the player.
  4. Mike Henke Says:
    I hear Scott on the setting up mxunit is painful. I started a project called Cloudy with a Chance of Tests to help in phases.
  5. Dan Vega Says:
    I am giving a presentation on Bootstrap at cfObjective. I hope everyone comes out to check it out!
  6. Scott Stroz Says:
    'everyone'? Will there be enough room for everyone?
  7. Dan Vega Says:
    By everyone I meant you and Dave ;D
  8. Phillip Senn Says:
    I'm excited about the potential for bootstrap, but
    If you dl, it contains 3 folders:
    css, img and js.
    There are no examples in the zip file.
    Then if you go to the examples tab and pull up
    the starter page, there is no explanation of what markup
    is required.
    Then if you view the source, they pull in files from

    The startup page also references images that are not in the zip file as well.
    Also, in the "tabs" example, I don't see where they explain that you have class="nav nav-tabs" in the ul.

    I need a Getting Started guide I guess.

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