Show #128 - ColdFusion Zeus with Ray Camden

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In this show Dave and Scott are joined by Ray Camden and Matt Gifford as they talk about upcoming features in ColdFusion Zeus. Scott also offers a review on John Whish's ColdFusion ORM book, and together they discuss using ORM in your applications.


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ColdFusion ORM by John Whish


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5 responses to “Show #128 - ColdFusion Zeus with Ray Camden”

  1. Mike Henke Says:
    some slides pictures about cfschedule from cfoanz
  2. Carl Von Stetten Says:
    Thank you gentlemen for answering my ORM question. Just finished listening to the episode this morning (and after a year of listening to CFHour on my commute, I am finally caught up!) and appreciate the viewpoints on when ORM is appropriate, and when it might not be.

    Keep up the great shows!
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