Show #120 - ColdSpring with Mark Mandel

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In this show Dave and Scott are joined by Mark Mandel to discuss the latest release of ColdSpring 2 Alpha 1, touching on AOP, dependency injection and "drinking the Kool-Aid".

They also cover Google's announcement about it's new programming language "Dart" and try to decide on it's effectiveness, usefulness and eligibility within current web development. As a precursor to a forthcoming show, they also take a preliminary look at Ryan Anklam's ColdFusion Koans project, and remind listeners to vote for and submit session topics for cf.Objective() 2012.

Listener questions (however obscure) are also answered in the "Ask CFHour" segment of the show.




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ColdSpring 2 Alpha 1 Release

cfObjective(ANZ) 2011

Google Dart

ColdFusion Koans - Learn ColdFusion Through Unit Tests

cf.Objective() 2012 topic suggestion survey and call for speakers


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5 responses to “Show #120 - ColdSpring with Mark Mandel”

  1. Henry Ho Says:
    Hey guys, thx for featuring my blog post.

    I have updated and reworded the post ( ). Hopefully this update is enough to clear up what I really meant and what I wasn't meant to advocate.
  2. Scott Stroz Says:
    Thanx Henry...and here we went through all that trouble trying to obfuscate who all was involved. "D
  3. Ryan Anklam Says:
    Scott, great job pronouncing my name you got it nearly perfect. Thank you so much for talking about the Koans project, I'm looking forward to being on the show and talking about them.

    If anybody is interested I did do a quick 4 minute screencast on my blog that might help explain how the project works on my blog at
  4. jason olmsted Says:
    Security may be the driving reason for an alternative to JavaScript, potentially something like Google Dart. Found the following slide deck that specifically addresses the security issues that affect JavaScript:
  5. Grant Copley Says:
    After seeing Mark Mandel's name on here, I knew this session was going to be way over my head; it was!! haha. Enjoyed it nonetheless.

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