Show #117 - MAX Recap and Mobile

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In this show we take a look back at MAX.  We talk about some of the things we enjoyed or were involved in.  We talk about the show we recorded at MAX as well as the conversation we had with Adam Lehman.  We also talk about the next dose of black magic we witnessed by the Photoshop people.  Dave also talks about his presentation failure and what kind of went wrong.  

We then go off to talk about doing mobile development with Dreamweaver and how we have transitioned to doing it with ColdFusion Builder.  We talk about the Android and plugins that can be added to ColdFusion Builder to enable it to deploy Android applications.  We then talk about the PhoneGap plugins that we just found out about.  We also discuss the example application that Raymond Camden made with one of them.

We then talk about the developer release of Sencha Touch 2 and discuss out feelings on that.  We also talk about Titanium and what it brings to the table.

We also talk about the fact that we need a producer.  So, if interested contact us and we can discuss.



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Gizmodo: Photoshop Will End Blurry Pics Forever

Raymond Camden: First test of PhoneGap Plugins

Sencha Touch 2 Developer Preview

Sencha Touch 2 Getting Started Guide!/guide/getting_started

PhoneGap Plugins

Easy way to get started with PhoneGap Projects

Adobe MAX


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