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The Hindu

India warms to cold fusion
The Hindu
Cold fusion — or its successor technologies such as Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) — remains a dead-end and a false hope for many scientists across the world. India, however, is taking tentative steps towards restarting research into it, some 25 ...

Cornell Chronicle

Professor explores complexities of communicating the 'norms of science'
Cornell Chronicle
People know the answer about evolution but they don't believe in it,” said Lewenstein, professor and chair of science and technology studies in the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of communication in the College of Agriculture and Life ...

Are developers retiring faster than the programming languages they use?
CIO Dive
Examples of third-generation languages that do this include Programming Language One, Report Program Generator, Delphie and ColdFusion. Can the language adapt to newer generations? IT departments need to evaluate the ability of an older language to ...

Canada Free Press

Seeing the Light
Canada Free Press
This revolutionary discovery is eloquently described by freelance journalist Marissa Fessenden in a post published as noted above. The research report she refers to has recently been  published in the Science magazine, authored by no less than ten ...


How Telegram's Crypto Coins May Attract $2.6 Billion: QuickTake
... promises and have passed on the deal. The company's technical white paper doesn't add anything to blockchain research that would suggest it can deal with problems that major live projects, like Ethereum, haven't been able to resolve. “It's like ...

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Letter to the Editor: Major advance in cold fusion touted as energy solution
The Delaware County Daily Times
Letter to the Editor: Major advance in cold fusion touted as energy solution. Researchers gather in Stockholm for demonstration of cold fusion technology. SUBMITTED PHOTO. Posted: 12/06/17, 7:44 PM EST | Updated: on 12/06/2017. # Comments. To the Times ...

Remembering Jonathan Antonioli and his gift of smiles
He got great grades, built a computer from scratch and could take apart a PlayStation to make repairs, Taylor said. "We used to joke that he would crack cold fusion," Taylor said. A future in engineering likely awaited, following in his father's ...

The Australian Financial Review

Morphic's Slater: If you're funding venture capital, you're killing capitalism
The Australian Financial Review
Duff McDonald in The Golden Passport: Harvard Business School, the Limits of Capitalism, and the Moral Failure of the MBA Elite examines the history of HBS and has a fascinating chapter on Harvard's role in the birth of the VC industry. VC arguably ...

Klaus Lackner didn't set out to save the world, but he thinks his machine could help
Four floors below the lab, in the lobby of an ASU Science and Technology Building, spins a 6-foot globe called “Magic Planet.” Field trips of middle-schoolers come to tap a touch screen, watching the globe light up with real-time displays of the Earth ...

On Nikola Tesla, Zero Point Energy, Cold Fusion, & Tin Foil Hats
Philosophically, I agree with the idea of ​​sharing, but in reality, you must retain the rights if you want to develop technology.” A classic case of scientific fraud like cold fusion? Or a glimpse behind the curtain of a new and exciting energy source ...