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Show #236: Summit, Southwest, Safe Navigator, Stupid Overflow, and Updates Galore

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This week Dave and Scott start by talking about the upcoming CF Summit in Las Vegas. They then express their views on "GamerGate" and SXSW's cancelling of related panels.

In ColdFusion specific news, they tell you about the upcoming early access for updates to CF10 and CF11 and about a new CF12 feature that was discussed at CF Camp.  

They also talk about Windows 10, updating and Lucee, and a Stack Overflow question on multiple databases.


Show #210 - She's Dead Jim!

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This week Matt "The Awesome Producer (emeritus)" Gifford joins Scott and Dave to talk about whether or not "CFML is dying".  The trio also talk about insecure passwords, Scott's experience in trying Railo, Dave's experience in trying Handlebars, numbers nowbeing numbers, and a cool new jQuery plug-in.


Show #33 - Stored Procs and other stuff

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In this show we talk a lot about stored procedures. Dave discusses his trip to New York. We go borderline insane trying to find a mystery sound. We continue a talk from an earlier show about a sites switch from ColdFusion to Java. We are not sure but we think Dave offended someone, again. We briefly give CFWheels a little love.


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