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Show #207 - Ryno, Rocks, Railo Rants, and Scott (Box)

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In this week's show Dave and Scott discuss the Ryno unicycle, Scotch on the Rocks, a Railo fanboy manifesto, coldfusion UI, knockout.js, growl notifcations and why no one listens to them.  Luis Majano stops by to talk about the "Into the Box" conference and bash Scott of course. Rants a plenty with a little wafffle on top! Its quite a show this week!


Show #54 - FREE CFBuilder, This, That, and the other thing

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In today's show we talk about the more Apple / Adobe stuff.  One of these days we will let this subject die.  We talk about the release of the ColdFusion Lockdown Guide.  We give our thougts on the changes comming for ColdFusion 9.01 that were released at SOTR.  Dave talks about logging errors from load balanced servers.  Then we go down this rabbit hole and talk about a bunch of other stuff.

Listen to the show to see how you can get a FREE copy of ColdFusion Builder.

We are still looking for sponsors for the show.  If interested please contact us.


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