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100th Show News

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As we are getting closer to our 100th show we have some exciting news to share. 

We will have a special guest on the show that should be exciting for all.   We should be able to announce who that will be later in this week.

Since Mike will not be onsite for the show; I wanted to have an onsite co-host that can help out with stuff.  To that end I have enlisted the assistance of the great Scott Stroz. His witty repartee will be a welcomed addition and will enhance what is already turning into a great event.

The time and place of the show has changed.  We will still be doing it live at cf.Objective.  However, we will now be doing it at 10pm right after the conclusion of the lightning talks. Actual location is still TBD but it may be in the same room as the lighting talks.

The show will still be broadcast live on CodeBass Radio for those not at the conference.  If you have the MediaSlurp app you will be able to listen there.

The 100th show is actually now on the cf.Objective() schedule. http://www.cfobjective.com/index.cfm/schedule/

Raffle.. yes.. we will be Raffling some things off.  Below is the current list of raffle items.  You have to come to the show and get a raffle ticket. However, you need not be present to win. 

We will also have some schwag and other things to give away. 

So, hang out after the lighning talks and join the party.  We should have an extra mic for anyone to come up and say a few words if they choose.

Lastly, I want to give a big thank you to Vicky Ryder.  She has spent a lot of time assisting us with putting this together.  This would not have been possible without all her efforts.




Show #85 - Storm, Link and other things with Adam Lehman

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In today's Dave talks with Adam Lehman, Product Manger for Adobe.  They talk about Storm (ColdFusion Builder V2).  They talk about what lessons learned with a V1 product and how those lessons can apply to new versions. Adam talks about the testing and beta process and how that is going for Storm as compared to Builder V1.  They talk about the new features coming on Storm; but not all of them.  They also discuss the issues with getting a Linux version.

They also touch a little on Link (ColdFusion 10).  Adam does not go into great detail on the upcoming version but he does say that they are "going big".

Good news.. Adam did state that a public beta of Storm is coming.  So, if you are not on the beta you will get your chance soon.


Show #84 - LACFUG Recap, jQuery, and Interfaces

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In today's show we talk about the latest Los Angeles user group meeting that Dave attended. We then talk a lot about jQuery, interfaces and other aspects of development. We also talk about the impact of what you develop on the end user.


Show #82 - Community, Myths, and Projects

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In today's action packed show we talk about a few things.  We first talk about the community work that is being done by Dave (Mister Dai).  He is currently working on picking up where Brian Rinaldi left off.  We then talk about the new blog series from Charlie Arehart on ColdFusion myths.   Dave then gives his thoughts on the GooleTV that he has been playing with.  Then there is a discussion about a couple things from a lister email.  We then cap it off by introducing our new segment "Open-source Project of the Week".


Show #81 - Open source discussion with Sean and Matt

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In today's show we have a nice discussion with Sean Corfield and Matt Woodward.  We talk mostly about open source and the open source community.  It is a very civil and educational discussion that hopefully will foster more like discussions.


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