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Show #119 - The Theory of Evolution

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In this show we start off talking about Battlefield 3.  Once we scratch the gaming itch we start talking about coding.  Dave talks about how he was working through an interesting server to server communication. He goes on to explain how he was able to mass insert tens of thousands of rows.  Not just insert them but insert them in just a couple seconds.  He then explains how using cfspreadsheet is not the best solution for dealing with large amounts of data.

We then go on to revisit something that came up during the Adobe Max 2011 ColdFusion unconference fishbowl session.  We talk about different ways to evolve as a developer.  We talk about going to conferences, attending meetups, contributing to open source projects to name a few.  Dave also talks a little about his experiences in this area.

We also talk about some upcoming guests we are trying to nail down.  Also, we are still on the lookout for a producer.  If you are interested contact us.


Show #114 - What, Human Friendly, CFStatic

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In today's show we talk about what CFHour is and what it is not.  We then answer a question from last weeks show about creating "Human Friendly" urls.  We then talk about a project Scott picked from riaforge.org called CFStatic.  We also talk about Dave and Scott's upcoming session at Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week.


Show #109 - Recap, Fix This, and Ignorance

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In this show we talk about Scott's adventures at RIACon.  We also talk about the latest software releases of Air 3 beta and jQuery Mobile Beta 2.  We also talk in depth about a blog post from Nic Tunney about things that should be changed in the next version of ColdFusion.  We also talk about the ignorance of people that make the comment of "ColdFusion still exists?".


Show #108 - No words can describe

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In this show we talk about a bunch of stuff.  We have a special guest, Todd Sharp, on the show with us.  We talk a long while about JavaScript, projects, and other things.  We talk about conferences, the cooler, Call Of Duty, and other stuff.


Show #100 - Live show from cf.Objective()

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Here it is, the live show from cf.Objective().  In this show we talk about the conference keynote.  We also have a chat with Ben Forta about a wide range of topics.  We also talk with the great live audience we had and answer some of their questions.  You will hear a reference to Mr. Connery from Scott.  He is actually talking to Mike Brunt who, looks a lot like Sean Connery.

We had a great time doing the show.  It was a lot of fun having Scott Stroz on the show to help out.  It was also just as exciting to have Ray Camden join us as well.  For a run down of how the show went take a look at the recap that was posted here.


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