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Show #104 - Conferences, JavaScript, and Security

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In this show we talk about our first week with Google+.  We also talk about a little about the latest conference news.  We discuss our recent experience in a new development workflow style.  We have a chat about improving JavaScript performance.  Then Dave discusses some more security stuff.  He talks about how people should pay way more attention to security then they do.


Show #103 - Security, Google+, jQuery Mobile

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In this show we discuss our recent fun with Google+. We also talk about jQuery Mobile and the release of Beta 1.  We also take about Ray Camden's new gig as an Adobe Evangelist.  We discuss the initiative to improve the ColdFusion documentation.  We also talk a little security.  We discuss how bad design can lead to bad application security and how to protect yourself as a developer.


Show #73 - More MAX, SSL, Vegas

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In today's show Dave talks about his trip to Las Vegas.  He talks about how he almost won a tone of cash but he is a terrible gambler.  He also talks about his technology win with iPhone Tethering.  The guys then talk about how they have some t-shirts to give away to listeners at MAX.  They also talk about what you should do to get ready for MAX.  They then rehash an office "discussion" about SSL and site security.


Show #66 - Security, Development, and Design

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In today's show we discuss a few topics.  We first talk about Mikes adventure using the onion router on his iPad.  We then discuss the recent security update for ColdFusion and discuss if it is critical or important.  We also talk about a blog post from Ray Camden on how you should stop using Flash Forms in ColdFusion.  Dave talks about how he recently got back into Air development using jQuery.  We have a discussion on CFM and CFC files and where to put your layouts (HTML).  We talk about how designers and developers make a good couple.  We also talk about tasking projects and developing with milestones.


Show #65 - CFTracker, Touch, and Music

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In today's show we discuss the new ColdFusion framework called ColdObject.  We also discuss the latest security patch released for ColdFusion.  Dave talks some more about his impressions of CFTracker and its direction.  We talk more about mobile development with Sencha Touch and Dave's experiences with it.  After all that we put all the serious stuff away and have some fun.  We have some sound bytes of Scott Stroz from the Open Mic Night at CFUnited.  We also have a recording of the great song "The Day CFUnited Died" by Michael Evangelista and Tim Cunningham.


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