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Show #224: Windows ME for Me!

Apple , Stack Overflow , Security , cf.Objective , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 , News 3 Comments »

With Scott away, Dave invites Matt "The Awesome Producer (retired)" Gifford to fill in. They discuss cf.Objectives impending name change, and the CF 11Updater 3 early release.  They hound Microsoft on Windows vulerabilities and how their Surface marketing is backfiring.  They also discuss a Mac vulnerabilty and an anti-virus product to AVOID! Dave comes to some realizations about his blog and, of course, they round out the show with even more Stack Overflow gems.


Show #212: Playing the Blame Game

ColdFusion , Security , Railo , HackMyCF , Adobe 9 Comments »

This week Scott and Dave get into the "Blame Game", the recent debate over who is most responsible for ColdFusion sites that get hacked well after the patches were released by Adobe.  Scott updates us on his golf league website and its switch to Railo. The guys discuss Mailinator and the fun process of generating unique email addresses for sites requiring an email address. And what episode of CFHour wouldn't be complete without discussing yet another bad Stack Overflow answer, this one having to do with including headers and footers.


Show #138 - ESAPI, StackOverflow and Community

Security , cf.Objective 2 Comments »

In this show Dave, Scott and Matt discuss the joys and frustrations of posting on StackOverflow, the announcement of the jQuery foundation and using ESAPI in your ColdFusion applications. Dave has issues with cfthread, there are some more sites for you Twitter Bootstrap lovers to check out, and they discuss the end of internal-community battles. A listener question is also answered.


Show #126 - Security, ColdSpring and Hat-tricks

ColdFusion , Security 2 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott mention the latest ColdFusion security hotfix, and how using tools like HackMyCF and FuseGuard can really help you protect your ColdFusion servers. Scott then discusses his recent re-introduction to ColdSpring's use of abstract beans and objects and how they can greatly help to simplify your code. The hosts then discuss stupid people, mobile market shares and how a certain podcasting company can go 'pound salt'.

A listener's question is also answered in the Ask CFHour section of the show.


Show #111 - Developer Week and training

Security , Listener Q/A , Adobe 1 Comment »

In today's show Scott first talks to us about how and why you should listen to your own advice.  We then discuss the newly announced Adobe Developer Week.  We then take about some advice from Jason Dean on how to get non-ColdFusion developers up to speed.  Dave then talks about a blog post of his on how a developer made an easy thing hard.  We then answer questions from the people.


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