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Show #236: Summit, Southwest, Safe Navigator, Stupid Overflow, and Updates Galore

CF Summit , Stack Overflow , Mobile , HackMyCF , ColdFusion 12 , Windows 10 , SQL , ColdFusion 10 , ORM , Adobe , Announcements , ColdFusion 11 5 Comments »

This week Dave and Scott start by talking about the upcoming CF Summit in Las Vegas. They then express their views on "GamerGate" and SXSW's cancelling of related panels.

In ColdFusion specific news, they tell you about the upcoming early access for updates to CF10 and CF11 and about a new CF12 feature that was discussed at CF Camp.  

They also talk about Windows 10, updating and Lucee, and a Stack Overflow question on multiple databases.


Show #218: ORM is Cool Even When a Wish Goes Up in an Cloud of Smoke.

SOLR , ORM , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 4 Comments »

On this episode our intrepid duo kick things off with a little waffle including a justifiably proud Dave's telling of an upcoming world championship martial arts competition and a classic Scott rant (this time its political). They discuss ridiculously expensive smart phones and ridiculously cheap cloud hosting. Also Scott talks about his latest work implementations including a whole bunch on ORM, SOLR searching, and how Category Tree is broken!


Show #194 - Hipsters, Scraping and Relationships

Apple , ColdFusion , ORM 7 Comments »

In this show Dave and Scott discuss the new iPhone features, an effective way of dealing with child / parent relationships in ORM, and why the woodland creatures are disappearing at an alarming rate. Yup, for real. Kind of.


Show #187 - World Domination

Monitoring , ORM , Conferences 1 Comment »

In this week's marathon show the guys talk about an ehancement request for ColdFusion that is a must have.  They also talk about some things in ColdFusion you shouldn't use.  Scott talk about how he is  just a few steps closer to world domination and how FusionReactor save his rear.  Dave talks about his latest adventures with ORM and how Scott was probably right. 


Show #186 - G.I Joe & 2 blind guys

Design , ORM , News 2 Comments »

In this week's show Dave and Scott talk about how to fight pattent trolls.  They go off the rails a bit and talk about a windup car.  They also give a little advice aobut something they know a lot about and something they pretend to know.


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