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Show #82 - Community, Myths, and Projects

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In today's action packed show we talk about a few things.  We first talk about the community work that is being done by Dave (Mister Dai).  He is currently working on picking up where Brian Rinaldi left off.  We then talk about the new blog series from Charlie Arehart on ColdFusion myths.   Dave then gives his thoughts on the GooleTV that he has been playing with.  Then there is a discussion about a couple things from a lister email.  We then cap it off by introducing our new segment "Open-source Project of the Week".


Show #81 - Open source discussion with Sean and Matt

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In today's show we have a nice discussion with Sean Corfield and Matt Woodward.  We talk mostly about open source and the open source community.  It is a very civil and educational discussion that hopefully will foster more like discussions.


Show #80 - Responding to feedback

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In today's show we talk about the comments and fallout from show 79.  Enough said…  Just listen.


Show #79 - Flash, IDEs, Open

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In today's show we talk about the new Flash Player 10.2 with stage video.  We then talk about the ColdFusion Builder white paper and our thoughts on that.  We then take a walk down what "Open Source" in the ColdFusion community means.


Show #63 - Hacking, OpenCFML, CFunited

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In this show we talk about Dave's adventures in having his email hacked.  We also discuss the discussions that have gone on for the past week regarding OpenCFML.    We talk a little CFUnited and our plans for next week's show.  We also talk about the release of Terry Ryan's Apptacular. 


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