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Show #224: Windows ME for Me!

Apple , Stack Overflow , Security , cf.Objective , Adobe , ColdFusion 11 , News 3 Comments »

With Scott away, Dave invites Matt "The Awesome Producer (retired)" Gifford to fill in. They discuss cf.Objectives impending name change, and the CF 11Updater 3 early release.  They hound Microsoft on Windows vulerabilities and how their Surface marketing is backfiring.  They also discuss a Mac vulnerabilty and an anti-virus product to AVOID! Dave comes to some realizations about his blog and, of course, they round out the show with even more Stack Overflow gems.


Show #215: Conferences, Keynotes, Diversity and More

Interview , ColdFusion Builder , cf.Objective , Adobe , Announcements , ColdFusion 11 , Conferences , News 5 Comments »

This week's show features an inteview with Jen Myers who is part of the instructor team at Dev Bootcamp in Chicago. Jen is the Keynote Speaker at the upcoming CF Objective conference.  Jen talks about women in programming, mentoring speakers, and what she enjoys most about attending conferences.

Also, Adobe announces CF Summit, Railo has some new features, Scott tells us more about wkHTMLToPDF, and Dave sings more of "thunder"'s praises.

Show Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/cfhour/show_215.mp3





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Show Topic Links:

Jen Myers

CF Summit 2014 announced

Cool iterator functions from Railo



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Show #207 - Ryno, Rocks, Railo Rants, and Scott (Box)

ColdBox , ColdFusion , Railo , Frameworks , Adobe , SOTR , Conferences , News 25 Comments »

In this week's show Dave and Scott discuss the Ryno unicycle, Scotch on the Rocks, a Railo fanboy manifesto, coldfusion UI, knockout.js, growl notifcations and why no one listens to them.  Luis Majano stops by to talk about the "Into the Box" conference and bash Scott of course. Rants a plenty with a little wafffle on top! Its quite a show this week!


Show #186 - G.I Joe & 2 blind guys

Design , ORM , News 2 Comments »

In this week's show Dave and Scott talk about how to fight pattent trolls.  They go off the rails a bit and talk about a windup car.  They also give a little advice aobut something they know a lot about and something they pretend to know.


Show #113 - Huge News, Knowledge, Answers

Listener Q/A , Conferences , News 34 Comments »

In today's show Scott is on vacation. So, buckle you seat belts kids.  We then talk about GoDaddy's decision to drop support for ColdFusion.  We then discuss what server OS you should use.  We then talk about BFlex/BFusion being canceled this year.  We then talk about abstraction and sharing domain knowledge with  others and documentation.  We then answer more user questions from twitter.


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